Diabetes and Thyroid

I have been told my son now has a need for insulin as Gliclazide combined with Metformin is not having a good enough stabilising effect. I am sure we have talked about this before and believe there was some information about if thyroid levels were better then diabetes levels would be also. I know his thyroid levels have fallen with the change from Goldshield, but GP is still saying his levels (and mine for that matter) are both good. I know they are both not where they were when we were good. I am also having trouble keeping blood glucose levels under control.

Does anyone have any information that I can show to back this up please.

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Ask for referral to an endo before you go on insulin. Hopefully they'll help you.

mrsm49 I luckily have an appointment with a private Endo the day before the GP appointment, so am hoping to get better information then. Thanks for suggestion.

My blood sugar going up too since my TT and am now pre diabetic and really not happy about it so got new endo appt tom. Good luck with yr endo x

Hello j_bee,,,,, don't go to the insulin route,,ask for a referal to a diabetes specialist,,,they work within the endo system,,,mine kept eye on levo as well the last time I say him,,,,, ask for a referal to a DSN,,diabetic specialist nurse,,,,and ask about Victoza,,this is an another form of diabetic control,,and is less stressful than the insulin,,,,as it is a single once a day dose,,,mine goes into the thigh muscle,,,both of you could do with the Hab1c blood test being done and then decisions can be made,,,gp's don't have all the right answers for diabetes,,and putting people onto insulin,,without trying the newer injectable is not giving the best options and as they have not been tried is not fair,,,good luck,,,,ttfn from karen.

Hi Scouser58 thank you for this information. Good to know what others have already been through. My son has had T2 diabetes for a number of years and has been fairly successfullly treated with diet and Metformin. Latter years have seen Gliclazide added. His diabetes is Steroid induced because he has to take Hydrocortisone of 20 mg per day. The diabetes came soon after this was introduced. Please see my profile for information on his condition. My pre-diabetes condition has just started and I believe this is to do with poor thyroid medication over the past 7 years. Neither of us do well on the generic Levothyroxine and are seeing an Endo on 20 June privately. Fed up with NHS treatment which has damaged our health badly since change from Goldshield Eltroxin. Will take all your information and that which others have given with me.

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