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Relationship with T4 to Diabetes 2

Hi. I have Graves disease, 6 months ago I increased my thyroxine, and felt better for it. this took my T4 levels to the limit but my T3 is still midway, (apparently exceptable)

Two months ago I was diagnosed as borderline Diabetic 2. I am not convinced of this, as I feel the coincidence between me increasing my thyroxine from 150 to 175 per day to then suddenly becoming diabetic (bordeline) to easy. My theory is that by lifting my T4 level as high as it can go (safely) that this as increased my insulin or glucose levels. causing me to be showing as diabetic.

I there anyone out there that has any knowledge of this kind of thing being possible?


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Hows your diet?


Hy diet is not too bad, i eat plenty of salad, fish and chicken. dropped my sugar levels down by 3 quarters. I am a little over weight. due to low thyroid.


Try reading Jack Challem's book Syndrome X for excellent read on insulin resistance together with guided insulin resistant diet, it works and stops you from going on to Diabetes 2.


What I am trying to do now is win an argument with my doctor. who is far to happy to fall on the old excuse of it is your age. which is why I am looking for a link. as i said I think it is too much of a coincidance.


maybe another co-incidence could be --- as I found out to my ladys short term cost --- that the 'endo' that has been treating you is a 'specialist ' in diabetes AND NOT THYROID . I found this out and that the entire endocrinology department within our local trust does not have a thyroid specialist and therefore automatically ere on to their own specialist field [ being diabetics ] that they can confidently manage and treat . my lady is now being treated correctly by a thyroid specialist at another hospital [ through the choose and book system ] .......just a thought for you can always check to find out what your endo' s field of expertise is on line with your own trust which may give you a clearer view .... good luck alan


Here is another piece of the puzzle to confuse you - I recently had the genetic test for DI02 and found that I have the heterozygous genetic fault (which means I have a problem with converting T4 to T3) and the genetic counsellor told me there is a link between this fault and Type 2 diabetes, so it is indeed possible for you to have both.

It might be worth considering getting the DI02 test done yourself. Details are on the front page of the Thyroid UK site.


The two are linked as part of same system. As far as I have been able to find out, either being subclinical hypo or improperly controlled hypo can lead to elevated blood glucose, high glucose also can make thyroid difficult to treat; chicken and egg.

There is growing evidence that DI02 polymorphism increases risk of blood glucose problems, recent reports suggest non-optimised thyroid treatment makes blood sugar problems an increasing risk.

Think key thing to realise that unlike Type 1 diabetes, Type 2 is not a disease as such, rather a collection of issues leading to raised blood sugar.

Seems that insulin resistance tends to go hand in hand with thyroid especially if DI02 gene is having an unbalancing effect in the pituitary system.

Getting to be lots to read out there if you go to endocrinology journal sites



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