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where can i purchase Thyroid -S

hi im super new here but i hear great things about patients and community support as we can all agree endos offer non!!! ive been hypothyroid for 9 years and having really deteriorated in the last year of college took it upon myself to find some much needed answers that doctors and endos are clearly not prepared to give as they clearly have no clue. I started buying supplements i.e zinc, vitamin d, iodine, selenium and iron and although they did make me feel better less aches and pains i was still super tired ive researched all the natural medications and found thyroid-s i purchased 2 months worth and started off on 1 grain, 1 was currently on 125mcg of levothyroxine so im looking to slowly increase the Thyroid-s ive been on them now for over a month and a half but am running out, only the suppliers fees have increased and i cannot afford them. Could someone please pm me about where i can purchase Thyroid-s if anybody could get back to me with any info i would be so grateful they have literally transformed my life and i refuse to go back to synthetic levothyroxine. Thank you.

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I got mine from Thailand, through <an online source>

They took ages to come but a bottle of 1000 tablets/grains cost about £38 which I think is brilliant. I take 2 per day but have recently increased to 2 and 1/4 as i understand our tsh drops in the winter.

Good luck :)


That price is what i paid for 120 tablets? could you pm me your source please?


It would be more the done thing if you sent a PM to matty220 and asked her to give you the information you want, rather than asking her to PM you.

If you are asking someone for a favour you should make it as easy for them to help you as possible.

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I just looked back at my order to get the link but it seems they're no longer available from there :( I'm glad I looked as I'll have to research for my next bottle!


I'll pm you.


Any luck


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