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Concern over THYROID - S


Ive been speaking to people on Sttm page and theres loads of people saying they are coming off levothyroxine and buying thyroid - s supplements off <Admin deleted>. Is this safe? Is it an alternative to armour etc? Im on levothyroxine and thinking its one of the reasons why im not getting better because its not working. Is this recommended? My endocrinologist says he cant do anymore for me and recommends bariatric surgery to fix me!!_

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Self medicating is not advised but for some people it is the only option.

Before going for anything as drastic as self medicating or variation surgery, there a few other things you could check out first. Ask your doctor to test your thyroid again. Get the test done first thing in the morning and don't take your thyroxine until after it to avoid spurious results. Post the results on this forum with the reference ranges and we will do our best to tell you what is going on.

Also ask him to check serum iron, ferritin, folate, vitamin b12, vitamin d and cortisol. Again post your results and reference ranges. If you have been on the STTM website, you may already know all this. You may also be aware that thyroid S won't help much if any of these levels are not optimal. Once all the above are optimal, if you are still having problems it may be time to look into alternatives. A different ends sounds like a very good idea if he is refusing to try anything else. There are endos out there who know how to treat people not doing well on thyroxine.

as far as I'm aware, thyroid S is safe just like any other NDT but I'm no expert in this. Many people seem to take it.

Carolyn x

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Tasha, many members have bought from site you named and have gone on to do well on Thyroid-S. Like all medicines it doesn't suit everyone but there are alternative brands of NDT available. It isn't a weight loss aid but if it makes you feel well enough to exercise that will help.

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Many people say they have found the above NDT good. I had a bit of a problem with my skin. I take T3 only now but I would use another NDT in preference to the above. Others will give you their opinion as everyone is different and reacts differently.


The very thought of bariatric surgery makes me feel sick! What a price to pay for weightloss!

I have been on Thyroid S for fifteen years. At the time it was generally regarded as being a generic Armour although Armour itself has since been reformulated twice. Some folk react to the fillers but I am fine on it. The quality and 'strength' has been consistent, and nowadays it is very inexpensive - less than the cost of Levo prescriptions.

Deciding to self medicate was my only choice, but its not been an easy ride. GPs struggle with it, and I no sooner find one who understands and cooperates, than they move on. If your GP won't help with tests then you might have to have them done privately. There are risks associated with over medication, so it is advisable to monitor levels. However if I were facing bariatric surgery I know what I would do.

The reason we are asking for your test results is that doctors often say your levels are 'fine' when they are technically normal but not optimal. And you need them to be optimal in order for your metabolism to function normally, and for you to lose weight when you stick to an appropriate diet. You are, by the way, entitled to a copy of your test results, although some doctors will make a small admin charge.


I would love to take Armour or some other type of more natural thyroid replacement. I don't have a thyroid gland and for 13 years have used levothyroxine. Although I thought I was doing quite well (apart from a few hiccups) I now realise that many other illnesses I have had over those 3 years were, most likely, due to the levo. I have bone issues since being on a too high dose for many years and the usual carpal tunnel, cholestrol probs, vertigo etc.etc.etc. Problem is, I am scared to change, although the thought of being on levo for however number of years also scares me. My endo (who I see about every 18 months) would abandon me if I did not take the usual levo, and then I would be stuck, as I do have to see her to check that the papilliary cancer (early stage) I had has not re-appeared, although she seems more concerned because I don't accept statins. So I am stuck beween a rock and a hard place. This site is brilliant and I wish I had known about it thirteen years ago, however I am grateful for it now. Thanks to everyone who contributes and also the very sensible administrators.


Pepekins, I just read back on your previous threads. Maybe we should go back and revisit reverse T3 on your thread?


Hi thanks for all your replies, @carolyn b Heres my results for my blood test and cortisol saliva test that i paid for privately. i have hashimotos, coeliac, jhms, fibromyalgia/m.e/chronic fatigue, carpol tunnel, vertigo, osteoarthrytis and plantar faciitis, i use a walking stick when its severe and have hydrotherapy. im 31 and was diagnosed when i had just had my first son at 18! progressivley getting worse and the endo just says he cant do anything else and only suggest bariatric surgery due to gaining 6stone and it slowly getting more, although the results explain whether it is in or outside of range i dont really know what this means for me or in the way of treatment etc. my endocrine wants nothing more to do with me as he says im fine but hasnt seen these results, he refused when i asked to be put on t3. i am on vit d meds as i demanded a test and turned out i had virtually zero vitd. my tsh was saying i wasnt on enough tsh two months ago so they put me up from 175mcg to 200mcg. i have several autoimmune diseases and health problems and im on 11 medications.

Adrenal Stress Profile. Cortisol Saliva test:

Cortisol Levels:

Sample 1 - morning - 19.1 (in range)

Sample 2 - Midday - 15.6 (High - out of range)

Sample 3 - Early eve - 9.6 (High - out of range)

Sample 4 - before bed - 6.1 (High - out of range)

Range 21-41 - Total Daily Cortisol - 50.4

DHEA Levels

Sample 2 (am) - 1.85 - (high - out of range)

Sample 3 (pm) - 1.36 - (inside range)

DHEA: Cortisol Ratio: 3.18

DHEA Mean 1.61 (Range: 0.40 - 1.47)

DHEA Cortisol Ratio 3.18 (Range: 2.0 - 6.0)

Secretory IgA Results - Saliva

Results: 782.4 (High) - Normal range 118 - 641 Optimal range 130 - 471


Central Thyroid Regulation & Activity

Total Thyroxine (T4) - 160 (High) - Range 58-154

TSH - 0.298 (Low) - Range 0.4 - 4.0

FT4 - 20.3 (High) - Range 10 - 22

Peripheral Thyroid Function

Free T3 - 6.22 (High) - Range 2.8 - 6.5

FT4 : FT3 Ratio 3.3 (Normal) - Range 2.0 - 4.5

* Reverse T3 - 0.64 (High) - Range 0.14 - 0.54

Thyroid Auto Immunity

Thyroglobulin <20 (Normal) - Range 0 - 40

Peroxidase 588 (High) - Range 0 - 35

Thank you in advance x


I use Thyroid S successfully.

Thyroid S is not a supplement, it is natural dessicated thyroid. It is as safe as Armour etc., to which it is an alternative. It is much less expensive than Armour etc and you do not need a scrip in order to obtain it. It suits a lot of people; some it doesn't suit so well. That is true of all these meds (including, as we all know, Levo!). There is a second alternative sold by the same people - 'Thiroyd' I think it's called. I have never tried that.

Obviously none of us can 'recommend' it - we're not doctors. Although, from the sound of your experience with your Endo, you're getting precious little help from that 'medical' quarter!

If you decide to go this route, come back and seek advice on how to swop from Levo to Thyroid S. There's plenty of expertise here.


Thyroid S saved my life. I am a person again and back to my fighting weight. I do not want radiation in my veins and idiots cutting open my throat when they hardly know what they are doing mistake after mistake, RUDENESS!!! I also use Nascent Iodine which is meant to slough off the calcification of a calcified nodule. Good luck.

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