I had a go round with Thyroid-s and just wondered what anyone might make of it. I have been taking Armour thyroid with some mixed results. At first I felt great, but then I seemed to slip back into hypo symptoms. Even an increase in dose didn't relieve the fatigue. I thought I would try Thyroid-S to see if that worked better. I tried the same dose as my Armour at first, but I my fatigue became overwhelming so I increased my dose by half a tablet a day over two weeks until I was taking 2 60 mg. I still didn't feel energetic, but my stomach started to hurt so in the third week, so I abandoned Thyroid-S and went back to Armour. I feel somewhat blah on Armour although not like the walking dead like on levothyroxine. So my questions are these - has anyone had such an experience with Thyroid-S? Since Armour is only giving so-so results, what other medication might work better?

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  • Sometimes some NDTs might not suit us as much as another one. It can be trial and error.

    When we begin NDT we take a dose (equivalent to what we were taking in levo or any other thyroid hormones) , increase it after 2 weeks. Taking note of pulse/temp and increasing every 2 weeks till our symptoms go and we feel much better. If our pulse/temp goes too high and we feel uncomfortable we drop down to the previous dose. I prefer increasing by 1/4 tablet as sometimes a 1/4 is sufficient to relieve all our symptoms and it is also easier to drop back by a 1/4.

    Also we need to make sure we are

  • When I was on NDT I felt the same way as you, I was up and down but never completely right. With T3 I am much more in control and I feel constantly the same.

  • That's interesting. Thanks for your response.

  • Sofitel, I'm considering going t3 only. On thyroid S at the moment. My blood tests are ok but still I don't feel completely well. So my question is what made you decide to go t3 only? Were your bloods fine on NDT?

  • My tests were fine on NDT but I wasn't. As everyone, I wanted to be well, but constantly well without changes. So I was reading a lot, that's how I decided to go on T3. Basically it's always worth to try, you never know maybe it's the answer for you as it was for me.

  • Thank you for replying. I'm reading a lot, because I was so unwell on Levo for most of my life. Going to NDT was already a big solo step, now t3 seems bigger not sure why. Im on 3 grains and considering all possibilities. If you don't mind me asking, how long have you been t3 only and how do you dose? Paul's protocol is too confusing to me, as are other protocols. My brain is not helping :-(

  • When you are already on NDT going on T3 is really an easy step. I didn't follow any protocol, one day I just started with T3, but I take it in doses divided through the day, that way I can tolerate it better.

  • Thank you Sofitel. I've started today with a smaller dose. 20mcg. So I've had half first thing in the morning, and half at 1pm. I think I'll do it for a week. Then increase weekly. According to what I've read if I got it right I should go up to 60 of t3. I was reading on the internet that heathy bodybuilders take t3 not sure why it frightens me! Thank you :-)

  • Thank you for your reply Rowan. How long have you been on t3 only? About the bodybuilders it's just that they take it without needing and I'm scared of taking. I was a bit nervous when I went to NDT. but so glad I did. I was unwell for so long! I'm doing it slowly. So on 20 now. Would you say I could go straight on t3? I'm on 3 grains NDT.

  • Please post after you've been on T3 for a while. I'm interested in your reaction to it. Do you monitor your blood pressure?

  • I surely will. Second day today, lower dose yet just a bit of headache nothing else. Im not very disciplined with monitoring so a bit worried about it. But my BP is usually 90x60 so very low, low pulse and low body temperature too. So

  • Did you try T3 with the T4 before going over to armour. The fact things are not so good on armour or thyroid indicates it is not the type of thyroid hormone which is the problem, but rather your ability to use it. T4 can be harder to use if you have these problems, but NTH can give you the same result as well, although quite a few people do say natural was much batter than T4.

    You cannot compare NTH with T4, however. You need to try T4/T3 combined to get a good comparison with natural. So many people jump to NTH without trying T3 with the T4 first.

    I am a fan of T4/T3 and use them. The advantages for me are that the NHS will be happier to work with T3 over NTH (although that seems to be going into reverse due to the artificial high cost of T3). Buying the T3 to supplement the T4 is much cheaper than using NTH and probably the most important benefit is the ability to work on your own T4/T3 ratio. NTH comes in a set ratio of 36 T4 and 9 T3 per grain (approx). So every time you up a grain you have to take 36 T4 and 9 T3 more.

    It can be beneficial to use more T3 than the T4 for certain people, or mostly T4 and a little T3 for others. T4/T3 gives you the option to work out your own doses.

    So my suggestions is to try T4/T3 and see how you get on.

    My other suggestion is to look into the timings of the doses. These can make a huge difference to people and not many mess around with their timings. Most just take the hormone in the morning.

    Bedtime dosing works much better for me. So i take most of my T4 at this time. I also take 25 T4 mid afternoon. This helps boost me through the evening. Dr John Lowe thought T3 taken at bedtime worked best in one lump. I also find 5mcg T3 at bedtime works very well with the T4.

    I also find small doses of T3 work the best. So stick to 5mcg doses (or 6.25 if using the 25mcg tablets). The body makes about 2mcg T3 per hour so giving 5mcg better replicates what the best does.

    Bedtime dosing of the thyroid meds also better replicates what the body does naturally. Out TSH is highest at bedtime and we make our thyroid hormones in the first part of the night. Once this has been made we make a corresponding amount of cortisol to match the thyroid production in the second half of the night. So thyroid meds at bedtime is the best time to take it.

    You could try this with the NTH and see how you get on.

    Trial and error is the way to go about things.

  • I did try T3 with T4 some time back, but didn't feel any reaction to the T3. My doctor wasn't very onboard with that experiment, so when it failed, I stopped taking it, again with no reaction. Armour was an immediate success. It just didn't last. Very frustrated. I suppose I could ask to try T3, but I don't know if she will agree given that the past experience wasn't favorable.

  • I have been drinking milk with tumeric at bedtime to support bone health and to decrease inflammation so not sure if a night time dose would work for me, but I'll give that some thought. Thanks for your input.

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