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Thyroid specialist - replacement for Dr Skinner


Hi, can anyone help please, my mum used to see dr skinner who has sadly passed away. We have been trying to contact AfsHan Ahmed for the past few months for her to refer us into another specialist and whilst I was googling Dr P kept coming up. I can't seem to find any contact numbers/email address for him and also where his clinics are. I am in Derbyshire. I'm really stuck what to do as Gp keeps saying my thyroid is fine and as my mum really suffers with this I have all the symptoms to indicate i have an underactive thyroid. My tsh was 1.9 and they won't test for t3 etc. Please can anyone give me any contact details for Dr P. Thanking you in advance

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Unfortunately, it might not be so easy. Dr Peatfield has been quite unwell with cancer but I believe when he's feeling an improvement he does consult.

All the doctors who used to treat patients by symptoms and NDT have either been struck off or died. Dr Peatfield resigned his licence in order that he could still advise a patient how to recover.

If a member has details they will send you a Private Message.

For yourself I will give a couple of links and you can also get a private blood test and members will help with advice and support.

If you have had a recent blood test get a print-out from the surgery (we are entitled) make sure the ranges are stated.

If you've not had one for a long time ask doctor for a Full Thyroid Function Test (he or the lab may not do all that is requested if TSH is 'normal'. TSH, T4, T3, Free T4, Free T3 and antibodies. B12, Vit D, iron, ferritin and folate.

Also I've just put up a post a little while ago and read the short video from STTM on the r/hand side towards the end of the page.

Haylzb in reply to shaws

Thank you very much for your reply I got my results today from my blood tests Thursday. It took 3 years for my mum to get help and it was dr skinner who diagnosed a hugely helped her. My drs are reluctant to help and have only tested tsh not the rest. I'm willing to pay and go private and have spent hours on google trying to find out where dr skinners patients have now gone or just a really good thyroid specialist but I'm not having much luck. I think I will have to buy the information pack from thyroid uk with a list of private drs. I will look at the links you have sent me and try and find your post. Thank you for helping :)

shawsAdministrator in reply to Haylzb

You can email who will send you a list of Endocrinologists/doctors. If you chose one you can put up a name and ask for a private message to be sent to you.

Many of this forum are self-treating and self-sourcing their thyroid hormones and some have recovered too - more than you can say about NHS patients who remain unwell on levothyroxine.. Dr Skinner was a one-man band (I saw him and so did my daughter) against the guidelines that the BTA lay down. So many remain undiagnosed it's ridiculous.

Witchymp in reply to Haylzb

I was a patient of The late Dr Skinner and he was extremely good. My GP prescribed the T3 he suggested and I was fine for 8 years. After she retired the new person in charge refused to prescribe it for me. I can't find another like Dr Skinner and Afshan doesn't know of anyone, I did ask her. I now buy T3 online and self medicate thanks to the help of people on here.

Hillwoman in reply to shaws

I knew Dr P had been ill, but I didn't realise he had cancer. I'm dismayed to hear this. I've seen him on and off for ten years, and I've always admired him for continuing to work so long past retirement age.


The video is on the r/hand towards the bottom of this link:

Haylzb in reply to shaws

Thank you very much. I have emailed her. I have watched the videos and they are very interesting and so frustrating how it's so hard to get the tests and help you need. It's such a shame about dr skinner, I never let him but my mum and many many others speak to highly of him and how he changed lives. Good for him for doing it his own way and helping thousands more people.

You could get private blood test via thyroid uk website and get a better picture of what is going on. Blue horizon Thyroid 10 is a good for the usual problems ppl With thyroid problems have... if that makes sense... foggy brain. You can do test yourself at home then post results on here and the wise ones can help, a lot.

Good luck

Linda x

Dr Skinner was completely irreplaceable and those of us who were his patients know just how fortunate we were. Very few doctors have the courage to do what he did and stand up to the GMC. He strongly believed there was more to thyroid medicine than just blood tests. Long ago, before tests evolved, thyroid conditions were evaluated and treated by the signs and symptoms exhibited by the patient. Tests do not say it all. RIP Gordon Skinner. Your live on in your patients.


Haylzb I was one of Dr Skinner's patients, he diagnosed me after an 8 year health saga, but my GP's refused to prescribe for me even then. I'd love to be able to recommend a good doctor to you, but like many of his other patients I have never found anyone to replace him. I've seen several other private doctors, including Dr P, but none of them agreed with Dr Skinner's diagnosis and in the end it made me doubt him as well, which didn't help matters. I self-treat with NDT, although am monitored by an NHS endo whose face drops whenever he sees me! Unfortunately I now think self treating and getting labs done privately is the only answer for anyone with blood test results in the so-called normal range.

I agree with the others who suggest getting blood tests done privately then posting the results here for advice.

Thank you very much everyone. I've contacted a dr maksoud in Nottingham and also going to contact Claremont hospital in Sheffield. They both have had really good things said about them but I'm pretty sure they won't be any dr skinner but it's worth a shot. The more and more I read I'm horrified how many people there are struggling to get help. I even contacted my drs again to test my t3 and t4 and they said they don't offer that only tsh testing. I just can't believe the struggle

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Sjl29 in reply to Hidden

Hi can you help me? I have had hypothyroidism since birth and as the years have aged me I’m struggling with weight, feeling healthy and my glands seem to swell. I’m looking for T3 test and reverse T3 in the hope that I can improve all my symptoms.

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