Dr Skinner needs your Support

I note that Helecaster has already written her letter to support Dr Skinner.which is brilliant, and apologies to anyone who already knows this but Dr skinner is up in front of the GMC again on the 26th April and your letters of support are needed again as they don't count letters from previous hearings, so please send new letters.

See link below for who to contact.


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  • I did a new one days ago. Mary F x

  • Unfortunately the Thyroid UK site at the link given above gives an outdated address and email contact to send your letters to.

    Lynne gave this update below a few days ago where emails and letters should be sent now:

    As of Wednesday 10th April, Lucy Galbraith has taken over from Elisa Summerfield as Investigation Officer. Any e-mails sent to Elisa Summerfield before 10th April will have been dealt with.

    The contact for Dr Skinner's case is now:-

    Lucy Galbraith,

    General Medical Council,

    3 Hardman Street,

    Manchester M3 3AW.

    0161 923 6592

    Email lgalbraith@gmc-uk.org

    Please quote: Case number ES/C1-462487326.

  • Thought I had linked to that one, apologies if not!

  • You did give the right one evewood1 - I looked it on my phone and it took me straight to the old part of the page - I have just looked again and I can only see the updated announcement by scrolling upwards. It was my mistake so sorry about that. Thanks for posting the reminder though - it made me send off my two penny worth!

  • No Probs, and it is great that you sent a letter.

  • Thank you for the address and details. I have just sent an email off on behalf of the three members of my family, all hypothyroid, and treated successfully by Dr Skinner.

  • Dead is done - Letter sent and copy to Dr Skinner.

  • Meant to say deed - not dead LOL.

  • I am 'worried' my email has not been acknowledged so I will resend it :)

  • Hi NBD, Mine hasn't either, I'm just posting a printed copy. I didn't add the case number on the original email, damn, but I've just written it on the copy.

    We'll all get the same reply anyway :-(

  • as I am going to the hearing I think I'll print my copy and hand it in IN PERSON :)

  • Great idea! Good for you going to the hearing.

    I am always so concerned how all this stress if affecting Dr Skinner. X

  • I would like to send a letter of support, but how can I do this and remain polite - I feel that I want to 'trash' the whole of the NHS?

  • I would like to as well, I'm not a patient but I feel he's helping us where the BMW, GMC is failing us. I don't know what to write either.

    Any help, if you not to post on here pm methanks

  • see below!

  • I know that you me and many others have suffered badly at the hands of the NHS but I personally feel that a simple statement of the facts rather than an all out rant would work best here.

    It would probably have a greater impact especially for someone who may have to be wading through a lot of these.

    I think you should include all the symptoms you were suffering and how this impacted on your life (for example, Exhaustion, couldn't sleep, couldn't work etc) before you were treated by Dr S.

    Say if you think his examination was more detailed than you had had from any other doc (for example, he carried out an external examination of my thyroid gland)

    Then say how your symptoms have improved since you have been under his care, (for example, you are no longer exhausted, you started sleeping properly, could work again). Sum it up by saying that if you hadn't been treated by him you would still be suffering the same horrible symptoms now but because of his expert care you are now better.

  • see below!

  • do you have a guide that we can use to write our letters - what should be included?

  • Done one.

  • I wrote one for him a couple of weeks ago! We're all rooting for him! x

  • i sent one too. original to dr skinner and copy to website as advised 2 or so week ago brenda

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