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Could admin please tell me if there are any really good thyroid experts available privately at one of the recognised Private hospitals in the UK. This is the only way my private medical insurance will finance any investigations. Having been running along reasonably well slightly over medicated my over zealous endo reduced my meds based on the very very low TSH. I have been hypo for 20 years! I have been feeling much worse since and am getting really worried about the extra symptoms I seem to have, This is not my normal functioning as I have a very high coping mechanism and never normally dwell on symptoms at all as I think it can be counterproductive. Thanks.

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  • Sorry, this is not something we have a list of. Hopefully someone else may be able to help you..



  • I thought you maintained a list of doctors in the UK who treated Thyroid problems judging by what I have read on here before, Who is on your list then? Are they not recognised? Thanks

  • Ahh, sort of.

    We have a list of private GPs, but they have their own clinics, rather than being at Private Hospitals. I think there a couple on the list who are covered by Health Insurance...

    Email me if you want it - (not in office till Wed though).



  • Re adjusting doses, this is a link and if you cursor to January 25, 2002 you can see the answer.There are other topics at the top of the page. Some of the links within may not work:-

  • Hi not sure what area you are in but I ended contacting these after no luck on the list. She is the only one I could find that assesses, diagnoses and prescribes without a GP referral. I needed it for my medical insurance. Fortunately my surgery decided to raise my medication before I continued. It's the Spire Hospitals.

  • ... should have mentioned... 'in my areas of Lancashire.'

  • Hi I see a wonderful endo at the Nuffield Warwick at Leamington spaA long way for you. She does not rely on bloods. Otherwise look at the nearby private hospitals sites, lots of info on their consultants, endo`s etc.

    If you want details click on my name to send a PM, not allowed names on an open site.

    Best wishes,


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