Dr Gordon Skinner – Sadly Missed

Dr Gordon Skinner – Sadly Missed

Thyroid UK is extremely sad to inform you of the death of Dr Gordon Skinner. Dr Skinner died of a stroke on Tuesday 26th November 2013.

Dr Skinner worked tirelessly for thyroid patients to improve their health. He also campaigned strongly to change the way patients are diagnosed and treated in the UK.

He formed the World Thyroid Register to “address the parlous situation of patients who are hypothyroid and have yet not been diagnosed and indeed patients who are being managed with an unacceptably low level of thyroid replacement.”

He will be sadly missed by his family, friends and thousands of thyroid patients whom he has helped to regain their lives through his diagnosis and treatment of hypothyroidism. Many patients became firm friends with Dr Skinner enjoying his quirky sense of humour and it is so sad that we will never be able to hear his lovely Scottish lilt again.

Afshan Ahmad has asked us to inform his patients that the clinic will remain open for three months and then it will be wound slowly down. Patients can still attend any appointments already made and Afshan will be able to give advice. Unfortunately, she will not be able to prescribe medications.

She will be writing to all of Dr Skinner’s patients to inform them of the situation and she will work hard to help patients obtain their necessary medications by writing to their GP’s and asking them to take over treatment.

As soon as Thyroid UK hears about the funeral arrangements we will let you know.

Thyroid UK would like to offer condolences to Dr Skinner’s family, friends and patients.

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  • thank you Lyn for this official statement which was very much needed.

    It is all so very sad and sudden, we will all need time over such tragic news :(

  • God bless this beautiful man

  • so sorry to hear this so very sad news of one of the CARING doctors that know of the meaning of the word CARE my thoughts are truly going out to his family.... but they can rest assured that he has left a real legasy that may well last beyond generations ....R .I. P. DR S ....you will be so very sadly missed .....alan

  • Gordon Skinner was a lovely man. I cared about him immensely. He was a great fighter. I simply wish the GMC had not made his life a living hell. He is now at peace. I shall miss him very much.

    Dr Rita Pal

  • Omg - I can hardly believe it and I never even saw him. I hope that his work can continue - we need him.

  • We must ensure his legacy carries on down through the generations to come. I had the pleasure of meeting this kind gentleman, and I know his early passing will come as a great blow to all. RIP Gordon.

  • I second that wish for his legacy to carry on

  • A very, very sad day for the thyroid world. He, and his work, will be remembered and highly thought of for years to come.


    Moggie x

  • Both Gordon Skinner and John Lowe will be remembered for their work for a long time to come xx

  • This is tragic news, met him twice as a patient and the third time supporting him at the GMC Manchester. My thoughts are with his family at this sad time.

  • Too young! First and foremost I feel for his three children as they lost their Mum too early too. What a fighter he was! I was always sad that he wasn't the doctor who found the answer for me but I still backed him all the way as he seemed to be one of the few doctors with thyroid common sense.

    I love his book, it is my favourite thyroid book.



  • A very sad day, he did so much for so many people. He was such a gentle and kind man. I saw him a few years ago and was hoping to get another appointment with him in the New Year. He will be sadly missed. My thoughts are with his family. His work must continue, he must never be forgotten.

    Maureen x

  • that is so sad...i never met him but heard great things about him...my heart goes out to his grieving family.

    Laura xx

  • I will never forget him! I told him if I lived until forever I still wouldn't have been able to repay his kindness or to thank him enough for sorting me out. I was due to see him for my yearly review on the 6th January next year and couldn't wait to tell him that because of him I had managed to complete my first year of employment in 14 years.

    He was everything a Doctor should be and will be so badly missed.

  • powderpuff i wonder what happened to you--- this is such a loss with dr skinner.. i wanted to s ee him but my bloody rootten idot doctor would nt let me, she cancelled the letter that a nother doc wrote, i was so ill and have been dfo r 3 years but i bet i would have escaped my horos if i had seen him. such a tragic loss an di i agree with lady on here who said he has to have commemorative plaque for his work, not only to rememebr him but to give him the last word and stuff the GMC and all those who hounded him..

  • very sad news - sending love to his family

  • I first met Dr Skinner, and his late wife 17 years ago when his clinic was held in his house. A lovely kind man. RIP

  • Awful sad news to hear of Dr Skinner's passing. He gave so much and I hope he gets a well earned rest now. Thinking of his family.

  • So sorry to hear this sad news. Dr Skinner being hounded by the GMC is the very reason why I emailed MSP Elaine Smith at the Scottish Parliament in the first place, and as a result of that the Scottish Thyroid Petition was born, so he has had such an influence on all our lives.

  • So very sad, my daughter has been seeing Doctor Skinner, she will be gutted when I tell her of his passing.

    A lovely man who will be greatly missed by so many. Condolences to his family and friends.


  • So sad to hear this news. I never met him but he will be a great loss to all thyroid patients. RIP.

  • So very very sad..a lovely man..one of a special kind. We will all miss him beyond words xx

  • I am so very sad to hear this news. If there is anything I can do Lyn, please let me know. I have only just joined this group so that I can post here. But I think you have my contact details. I corresponded with Dr Skinner on some GMC matters and he was always witty, polite and a true gentleman. His intellect was razor sharp. He will be missed by so many people.

  • thank you Craig x

  • just so sad at the news x

  • Hi Craig, Yes, I have your contact details. Afshan is going to let me know as soon as arrangements have been made. This is all very hard on her.....

  • I understand. x

  • I have emailed Afshan, offering what little help I can x

  • R.I.P. Dr Skinner, what a lovely man and a great doctor. I was so looking forward to seeing him soon to tell him how he has made such a difference to my life. Without him, I would probably have given up by now, no one else had come close to helping me.

    I feel for his children and hope they can find a little comfort in knowing what a loved and respected man he was.

    His quick sense of humour always cracked me up, and he would dig slyly at Edinburgh. Such warmth and generosity. Grounded, practical, compassionate, principled, brave, honest, tenacious...the list could go on.

    Who will come forward to take his place? A hard act to follow.

  • Such very sad news. My doctor was requesting an appointment / referral for me to see him.

    I have his book which I have read several times and dip in and out of for information regularly, sent letters of support during his dreadfull witch hunt by the GMC.

    Was so looking forward to meeting him.

    One in a million , rest in peace dear chap x

  • So sad such a lovely man with a wicked sense of humor i will all miss him for what he done for me he got me well again. Thank you Dr Skinner R. I. P yo were one in a million. x

  • I just don't know what to say. I am glad I named him at the Petitions meeting in February, even although I got told off for naming names. I was proud to say his name, to make it known that he was the doctor who saved my life when the others told me all was in my head, and failed me. I have a feeling his legacy will continue on. God bless him.

  • I thought it would be fitting if he we all voted for him for The Pride of Britain awards. It would also raise awareness of the general nightmare of getting a diagnosis and treatment.

  • That's a good idea.

  • I was only telling someone 3 hours ago that I have such a wonderful adviser and knowledgeable doctor who understands how I feel and has been a tremendous help to me. I still cant really take in this terrible news and my condolences go out to his family and friends. He was such a very special man who put the well being of his patients above that of the problems elsewhere. Rest in Peace Gordon Skinner

  • Very, very sad day. RIP Gordon R B Skinner, a shining light and a truly heroic man who never compromised what he knew to be right. Will be sadly, sadly missed.

  • if everyone 'clicks ' on to the recommend bar at the first post of this post ----I think that would show what those that met dr.s and those that didn't ----but prove HIS legacy for all of us .........just think how many of US have learnt from the advice we have gained from this site via HIM .....LETS ALL MAKE A SMALL EFFORT and show the same amount of care to him & his the care he tried to give al of us .....lets go for a record ....alan xxx

  • He was such a caring man who helped so many people including myself. RIP xx

  • I am so saddened by this news. I met dear Dr Gordon Skinner for the first time 20 years ago. I was looking forward to seeing him in January again, I can't believe he has gone. He looked so well only a couple of months ago. No words can explain what an amazing man he was. My heart goes out to his family. He was one of a kind. xxxxx

  • So sorry to hear the sad news about Dr Skinner, i was never fortunate enough to see him, but i do know about all the people he has helped over the years. Condolences to his family and friends. He will be sorely missed by all who knew him and his patients have lost one of the best Thyroid Doctor's ever..... R.I.P. Doctor Skinner and thank you for all your hard work x x x

  • RIP Dr Skinner. I never met you but wish I had. May your legacy for helping us thyroid patients continue. God bless.

    My condolences to his family and friends also the patients he helped over the years. Everyone is still reeling from this tragic news.

    Gone too soon!

  • Such awful news. He will be missed. My condolences to his family and friends.

  • So sorry to hear this very sad news...Dr Skinner was such a help to my daughter Laura...everything said above is so true, he was special in so many ways.. Thinking of his immediate family. X

  • Such a shock and hard to believe. I never met him but from what I have read he was a wonderful man who gave great hope to so many people in this group, he will leave an enormous gap in so many lives. So sad.

  • Condolences to his family and friends. Never met him but his reputation says it all. I hope another medic/colleague will carry on his work for change. God bless. x

  • I have been a patient of Dr Skinner for several years and he has helped me enormously. He fought tirelessly for the well being of his patients and had the courage and vision to treat the person rather than only go by test results. I send my condolences to his family and friends.

  • R.I.P Dr.Skinner

    I was fortunate to meet you last May and was diagnosed by you - I forever will be greatful.

    My condolences to your Family.

    God Bless you

  • Oh what a shock! I never met him, but such was his sense of humour, that apparently he was "thrilled to bits" to learn that I had enclosed a stamped, addressed envelope with my letter of enquiry recently!! I was looking forward to seeing him. Thoughts are with his family. What a loss, not only to them, but to the whole thyroid community.

  • Goodbye Doctor Skinner.

    We know you really did put your patients first; you risked your career for us.

    Thank you for my health.

    Caroline ( Lincoln)

  • I would like to contribute if Health Unlocked members want to send a floral tribute or donation.

  • Me too xx

  • me to x

  • me too :)

  • Count me in too please.

  • Yes me too x

  • my donation is already winging its way to louise as I write this missive ....total respect ...alan

  • me too xxx

  • Me too x

  • RIP Dr S and Thank you for giving me my life back when no one else would listen. Iam so gutted that I won't get my final consultation with you in January. I wish GPs and Endos had listened to you. Xxx

  • R.I.P. Dr Skinner. I haven't been lucky to meet such a caring and compassionate person who put patients first and listened to them - from what I've heard you were someone who cared about us ever so much and you will be greatly missed.

    Jo xxx

  • What terrible news and a loss of a fighter for the better thyroid treatment cause.

    I hope his children are coping -and if in education still, a memorial fund would help them in this.

    Can this be done by HU/Tuk? He deserves to be remembered in some way practical.

    I would happily contribute £50 to start the ball rolling.

  • Too choked up to know what to say, really. I was going to phone him monday with blood results. Really just don't know how i am going to function without him.

    13 years ago, Dr Skinner saved my life. I've remained married, had two children, and lived a life i was ready to throw away, until he saved me. Dr Skinner, little did I know I was hugging and kissing you goodbye back in April. You can rest now - the GMC can't do any more to hurt you.

    Rest in peace, the most compassionate, dedicated and caring Doctor i have ever met.

  • A genuinely lovely man.

    Rest in peace

  • So sad to read this. He will be missed by so many people, but the legacy of the lives he has improved and indeed saved, will outlast him by many years.

    RIP Dr Skinner, a doctor in the TRUE sense of the word!

  • Such a shock to read this, I knew of Dr Skinner through the TPA, and his work . Such sad news , what a lovely man. Hounded by the GMC, condolences to his family xx

  • I never knew Dr.Skinner though I recently read his book.Reading all these messages of condolence tell me that we have lost a very special caring person who worked tirelessly to help his patients back to good health.My heartfelt sympathy goes to his family and my thoughts are with you all on this sad day X

  • i am shocked. a wonderful wonderfulman, no doubt the creeps that hounded him for years have helped this to happen. a wonderful man. whose presence will be sorely missed.

  • I'm in shock and feeling very sad. I met Dr Skinner in July for the first time and was meant to see him next month. I remember being nervous before the appointment thinking what if he's like all the doctors I've seen so far and doesn't believe me. Of course, he helped me. He is what every doctor should inspire to be. He was one of a kind, and was brave enough to battle with the GMC.

  • I have only just seen this-it is so very sad. Dr skinner has been my doctor for 15 years. We will all miss him and all the work he has done for us. A wonderful man.

  • This is very sad indeed.

  • I was shocked and saddened by the news of Dr Skinners passing. I never got to meet him but what a wonderful man . A great loss to both his family and to the thyroid patients and community around him . God Bless xx

  • Dr Gordon Skinner was my doctor for almost 9 years and I can honestly say that he not only saved my life but gave me a new one...one which was free from the anxiety and depression that had plagued me for as long as I can remember,one where there was hope, a lightness of spirit, laughter...in other words a life worth living...what more could one human being give to another.

    Very sadly missed and will always be remebered with nothing but the greatest gratitude and love. Caring thoughts to his family and staff team.

  • Very sad news and sincere condolences to his family.

    I regret I never met him but he helped so many folk, and will be sorely missed. J x

  • This is such sad news, i will miss him very much and will never forget how he has helped me. My thoughts are also with his friends and family. He was an amazing man. X

  • Sad and shocked, on the verge of tears. I never met the man himself but I loved his book and appreciated his tireless efforts on behalf of all thyroid patients in the face of so much adversity. My condolences to his family. This is a huge loss but let us honour his memory by continuing the fight for proper diagnosis and treatment. xxx

  • I could not believe this when I read it .totally in shock .

    I net dr skinner earlier this year.... He changed my life. I realised once I felt better exactly how ill I had previously been. An amazing, kind, caring , funny gentleman .

    I recently saw him last month and the consultation as usual was very relaxed and informal .we both laughed and as always he made me feel at ease.

    He will be greatly missed by all the patients he has helped on their road to recovery. He often spoke about his beloved wife and now they can be together .

    Thank you dr skinner for helping me . May you rest in peace and sincere condolences to all his family.

    I hope we can find someone who is like this wonderful man to carry on with his work

  • What terribly sad and shocking news not only for all of us, but for his family...Tragic

  • I am shocked, and I cannot stop crying. Despite some slight misunderstanding between me and Dr Skinner I have soon realized that he was a great men, with great heart, who helped so many people, including me. I had an appointment scheduled for the 18th of December, I still cannot believe what happened. I won't cope with Dr's Skinner help.

    My sincere condolences to Dr's Skinner family. Thank you for all your help. You will be greatly missed.

  • A true medical detective, the patient testimonies speak for themselves. A doctor who worked for the good of his patients with a full understanding of what the 'Hippocratic Oath' stands for. He did his unstinting work against a backdrop of medical mobbing and a regulator styled on The Spanish Inquisition. Medical professionals of his caliber are few and far between especially in the area of Endocrinology. I hope his family realized what a contribution he made to the world. I also hope his register can keep growing and circulating: worldthyroidregister.com/

    MaryF x

  • I am completely shocked, he seemed so well last time I saw him.

    Rest in peace thank you Dr Skinner for all your help, time and patience, we all know you are now an angel in heaven.

    RIP karen x

  • Such sad news. Thoughts with his family.

  • Goodbye Dr Skinner. You gave me the freedom to choose my medication and to trust in my own judgement. You treated me with humour and respect, made me laugh and made me cry, when you asked simple questions that no one else had ever bothered to ask. We are blessed for knowing you; we are lost without you. Be in peace now. We shall never forget you. xx

  • I sit here stunned. I pray for his family and friends. Having lost my father this year, I do know. I give thanks for him turning my life around after 28 years. I'd given up hope. We diced with relapse every time the GMC got to him, and if I'm honest, I'm a little afraid now he's gone. Dr Skinner, our champion, RIP while your work continues and we hold your memory safe in our hearts. Thank you xx

  • Dr Skinner was a wonderful man. An outstanding doctor but more important a man of rare integrity and decency. He will be sadly missed, my heart goes out to his family and colleagues who will need our support. I will miss him deeply.

    Jim Harwood.

  • Just heard the extremely sad news about Doctor Skinner. I had the privilege of meeting him a few times. His knowledge and caring approach helped thousands of people including me. There must surely be a way of keeping his memory & brilliant work alive.

  • This is so sad, especially for his family. I just hope his forward thinking approach baton will be taken up by someone else in the UK. Condolences to his family and friends and everyone who was his patient.

  • I too had the privilege of meeting, and being treated, by Dr Skinner. Although his regime never worked for me - his kindness, wit and mischief, as well as his twinkling eyes, will remain with me. I was so very shocked when I heard he'd passed. I too sent letters of support to the GMC for his work. One tangible way to continue his fight is to support Lorraine Cleaver et al and their submission to the Scottish Parliament for proper treatment. He is with these ladies in spirit now and no doubt smiling down benevolently.

  • Such as sad time, such a loss to us all. I too was a patient of Dr Skinner and don't know what I will do without him. He was the best Dr I have ever met. I consider myself so lucky to have been brought back to health by Dr Skinners knowledgable care.

    Goodbye Dr Skinner, We will never forget you!

  • Very sad and shocked to hear this news when I logged on today. I never met Dr Skinner but know that he literally saved so many people and was a man of rare skill, integrity, compassion and bravery. I can't say more but to echo all that everyone else has said. May he rest well and know that he was loved by all - even those who were not his patients - and will never be forgotten. Gone far too soon. Sincere condolences to his family. xx

  • In heaven, GMC just might mean the Gospel Music Choir - a blessed relief from the earthly meaning.

    The impact of Dr S on so many people is its own tribute. I hope that in time his family will see some of the appreciation and sadness posted here.


  • Dr Gordon Skinner was a man of great integrity; such a jovial, wonderful character who deserved a little peace into his later (widower) years, not being hounded by - in some cases - charlatans.

    Fortunately he never buckled under the 'power' of the GMC... so go for the break Gordon, you've earned it. More people will remember you than they will many doctors surgeries combined in each and every city within the UK.

    R.I.P. Grand Man of Medicine x

  • Dear Dr Skinner was such a special and gifted and courageous man. Like so many others, I am so grateful to him for changing my life after a diagnosis of M.E. and a total thyroidectomy eleven years ago. He was real and humble, amusing, understanding and insightful. He had no arrogance and yet he was one of the most brilliant of academics, honoured as a Doctor of Science, and a very fine clinician. I felt real love and affection for him. He helped me and my daughter and laughed and joked about football with my husband in the waiting room and discussed his problems with the GMC with fortitude. He seemed so fit and his wit was so sharp, it is impossible to believe this lovely man has gone. He missed his wife Janet so much and was so proud of his children. I hope his family will find some comfort in knowing what impact he made on so many lives. I will miss you, my friend.

  • So sad that Dr Skinner is no longer with us. I saw him as a patient and he was very old school and thorough as doctors should be. He was funny, witty and so kind to his patients. I hated the way my GP's and Endo thought of him as a quack. I just hope one day their methods will be proved wrong and Dr Skinner was truly a shining light in the world of thyroid disorders.

    My condolences to his beloved family. We shall all miss him dreadfully.

  • I too was treated by him, I'm shocked and saddened by the news. He's with his beloved wife now. He's irreplaceable. RIP

  • thank you Dr Skinner for all the hypothyroid people you have rescued to better health, people who have been mismanaged and mistreated by 'mainstream care' now live happy fulfilled lives because of you. You were one in a million, you practiced REAL medicine: LISTENED to your patients and acted on THEIR SYMPTOMS not on some black 'dots' on a blood test report. You treated the person not the lab results, your care and compassion was boundless, your passion for doing what is right for 'the patient' was limitless, your experience priceless. But you were not just a great doctor, you were also a FANTASTIC person, you were fun to be with, understanding, empathic, calm and reassuring. I shall remember all you have done for me and others, we are forever grateful.

    Thank you thank you thank you for having been there for us, fought for us right until your last day, you never had to but you 'chose to'.


  • clicking recommend just isn't enough - what lovely TRUE words which many of us will also agree with, thank you

  • xxx Suze

  • NBD thanks for writing that. I echo all of it just can't express it well enough yet. x

  • I never met Dr Skinner but reading your tributes has brought tears to my eyes.

    Dr Lowe and now Dr Skinner...what are we to do without these bastions of compassion and good sense?

    My condolences to his family and friends.

    I'm personally not sure about a contribution to a floral tribute, however lovely this may be, as flowers die but a legacy lives on.

  • I'm still shocked and saddened to hear this terrible news. I've been a patient of Dr Skinner's for the past 12 years. It was always a pleasure to see him, a true gent and great doctor. Thank you for all you've done for me and the thousands of other thyroid patients. R.I.P x

  • Dr Skinner was my hero and always will be. He was funny and kind and had guts and turned my life around. Thank you Dr Skinner xxxxxxx

  • Have just read this and am so upset. I never had the chance of meeting the man, and am horrified that I never will - it was on my list of to do's when I could afford it. The loss, first to his family and then for people who are suffering from this horrific disorder is immeasurable. I cannot but draw the conclusion that whatever his underlying medical issue might have been, if any, it was not alleviated by his having to endure relentless, merciless bullying by a cabal of faceless medics who, for reasons that can only be guessed at, wish to retain control over shattered lives through pharmaceutical tyranny.

    A true champion, and a man whose love and loyalty to his vocation to alleviate the suffering of his patients, a man in whom the Hippocratic oath was alive and a beacon to his feet, a man of the utmost courage and integrity in the face of organised bullying and intimidation of the most aggressive and invidious kind, he leaves this world all the poorer for Heaven's gain. God rest his soul.

  • I haven't been on thyroid uk for a few days so am totally shocked to read this tragic news.

    Dr Skinner was a fantastic amazing doctor -he saved me from death -literally -I was on my knees when I saw him first 8 years ago -thanks to him I have regained most of my health. I am forever indebted to him as thousands of us are. He will be hugely missed by thousands of patients and thousands of others who knew of him am sure -the posts here are just a little taster.....

    Missed? It is like a huge gigantic hole has opened up - that currently I know of no other that can fill.

    I hope the family at some point are sent all these comments so that hopefully that in the midst of their terrible grief they can take comfort from the fact that their father was a fantastic truly amazing kind doctor who will remain in many, many hearts for many years to come. I feel privileged to have been one of his patients and to have been under his care.

    GMC -you should be ashamed of yourselves -i cannot but think that the GMC contributed to his early death from all the stress that they imposed so unfairly and unjustly on this lovely ethical brilliant doctor. I hope the GMC feels ashamed and after all the years of hounding that they will finally have the good grace to concede/commend that his practice was brilliant, highly effective and it is not his practice that needed to change but the practice of others in the medical world.

    My thoughts though remains with his family -such sad sad news.

  • Like waveylines I had not been on for a while and have only just read the news and all the tributes. I never met Dr Skinner but it had long been clear to me from all the posts on this site how many patients relied on him, trusted him and felt they owed him their lives. What an enormous loss for his family and everyone whose lives he changed for the better. Shall we send the tributes to our GPs, the GMC and the national society of endocrinologists ?

  • yes we should shame them

  • name shame and bring to answer for their shameless [ treatment ] and persecution of 1 of the TRUE proffessionals .......at least he is sleeping in peace ----- I wonder if they are ???...alan

  • I've just read this terrible news. He was wonderful and I will miss my appointments with him. Can't find the words really. He really did pull me out of the gutter when nobody else cared. Such a brave and courageous man. RIP Dr Skinner. Thank you for everything.

  • Just seen this:-

    “Honour belongs to those who never forsake the truth even when things seem dark and grim, who try over and over again, who are never discouraged by insults, humiliation and even defeat.” ~ Nelson Mandela

    How poignant.

    Please click the recommend button at the very start (top) of this post

  • I only know of Dr Skinner from this website and have never met him, but have read so much about him that I still feel the loss of this great man. It was comforting to know that there was an actual GP out there who was brave enough to fight the GMC and pharmaceutical companies - no mean feat for anyone to stand alone against these misguided giants! Dr Skinner you have been brave, selfless, courageous and a beacon of light and hope to all of us who suffer from thyroid problems. May your legacy live on to benefit future generations. Condolences to the family of Dr Skinner.

  • Just found out about this sad news today.

    A true gentleman and an angel from above for my wife, her life has been transformed since being treated by Dr Skinner. Her life was in tatters through incorrect diagnosis by the NHS and was told nothing could be done for her. Out of desperation we searched the internet for a miracle and found that miracle in Dr Skinner. He was a shining light that guided my wife out a truely dark place with such kindness and understanding. We cant thank him enough for his help and can't believe he's gone.

    Rest In Peace

  • I just received a phone call from my mum to inform me of this terrible news. I was due to get in touch with Dr Skinner with a follow-up of my progress. Had my first appointment with him almost exactly a year ago, and had regular follow up appointments at his Glasgow clinic. He has done more for me in one year than the NHS has in almost 20. I had almost given up hope when my husband found this Miracle Man. Having almost made a full recovery I am gutted I won't have the opportunity to be able to thank him properly in person when I reach that point. He was a wonderful, caring, witty man and I feel privileged to have had the opportunity to meet him.

    He fought tirelessly with the GMC and has helped so many people. I do hope all his hard work is not in vain and that his legacy will live on.

    RIP Dr Gordon Skinner, you have earned it.

  • It's been a while since I've been on here and have just found out about this sad news. I saw Dr Skinner for an appointment in mid November after being his patient for a few years, and like many people feel he saved my life. I really feel for his family. He was a truly wonderful man and will be very sadly missed.

  • Rest peacefully dear man, and God bless and comfort all those who you leave behind.

  • Dr Skinner was my Doctor for 3 years, i just found out this tragic news yesterday and I can hardly pull myself together, I am just so sad, I was meant to see him on 28 November and had a message to say it was cancelled but it didn't say why, and I thought never mind, Ill see him in the New Year. I really enjoyed my consultations with him, they were so relaxed and his sharp wit made me laugh out loud regularly, he also helped me when my GP of 18 years wouldn't , I am so grateful to him and always will be. I shall miss him so much, Thank you Dr Gordon Skinner RIP gone too soon, we still needed you, condolences to his family.

  • Please be sure to advise us of the Memorial services, I shall be sending a contribution to the Vaccine Trust in honour of DR Gordon Skinner I don't know how else to thank this wonderful man who gave me back my health.

  • Dr Skinner was my Doctor for a number of years, i just found out this tragic news. I am just so sad, I was due to see him in the New Year, what a shock. He helped my get my life back when nobody else would listen. I am so grateful to him and will miss seeing him. Thank you and bless you Dr Gordon Skinner.

  • I only heard the sad news yesterday from Afshan and while looking for comments online I found this site and signed on. I last saw Dr Skinner in Glasgow on 12th November and he was, as usual, funny, sympathetic and inspiring. He was an amazing person and his death will leave a massive void. It is heart-breaking. My sincere condolences to his family. My GP will not prescribe my thyroxine so I am not sure now where to turn. If anyone knows of a sympathetic GP/endocrinologist in Edinburgh, I'd be most grateful to hear.

  • So sad about his man leaving this life of ours............ he was truly an inspiration for women everywhere and did so much good ..

    I hope his methods will come to pass and what he believed in will happen ...Doctors and medical people will improve help for women sadly overlooked so much with thyroid problems ......very "blinkered" I would say about it ..so many suffer with the problem and are never diagnosed properly in their lives ...men also suffer with this ...and it can be helped but why is it ignored so much ????..........

    I will never understand !!! as a sufferer I do understand the misery women suffer and how long it took me to get it recognised I had an underactive thyroid ...

    Look at (Diana Homes story the book available from Amazon or good book store, the misery suffered and bad diagnoses she had................... I met her at a book signed many years ago and I went to Dr Skinner also a lovely man ......Rest In Peace Dr Skinner may your work continue .......and Good Luck to the many women who suffer needlessly they need it ....wake up GPs and take notice ......we have one life and we need to live it healthily....

  • I am so sad to hear the news about this truly wonderful Man, who I had the priviledge to meet on three occasions. I am well on the way to recovery thanks to him being the truly inspiring doctor that he was. My own GP agreed with doctor Skinner's observations, that I looked Hypothyroid but only once my puffy face returned to normal.

    My sincere condolences to his family, whom it must be so difficult for to come to terms with losing such an inspiring, caring, humourous, generous human being.

    Sadly missed

    MC x

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