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Does Dr Skinner believes in adrenal insufficiency/fatigue?


I have been trying to do some research in regards two most famous in Uk practitioners Dr Peatfield( naturopath) and Dr Skinner ( endocrinologist)

I have read that they have 2 different opinions on adrenal fatigue.

Dr P believes that adrenals must be supplemented before thyroid hormone therapy is introduced.

Dr S thinks that adrenals will regulate themselves with time if correct treatment with thyroid hormones is given.

I am confused...

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Dr P has an holistic way of treating thyroid gland problems and believes that the adrenals should be fixed before beginning thyroid treatment. Dr P is a physician.

Dr S is a Virologist and believes that once on thyroid meds that the adrenals do not need to be supplemented and that they will rectify themselves. It works for many people.


Thank you shaws, that's what I thought :)

I have read Dr S opinion that adrenal can regulate themselves but I just wanted to get a second advice.



Thank you Shaws:) that is what I thought. Just wanted to hear more opinions.



I think Dr S does recognise adrenal fatigue but ax shaws says thinks the adrenal will sort themselves out with optimal thyroid treatment. In his book though he does mention that extreme cases might need treatment with steroids.

I think both doctors are excellent, even though they have slightly different approaches. Xx


Thank you Clare xx


Can anyone tell me more about these docs;do they do telephone consultations and what r their fees.I cannot travel too far.


Hi Cloud

Email me for the list there is a range of docs.




Thanks,i already have a list of the other docs but thought obly dr.Skinner would prescribe ndt if one has normal tsh and T4.


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