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New test results

Hi, i went back to my dr last week and told him the advice I'd been given on here, he agreed with it 100%.

He's upped my levo from 100mcg to 125mcg and even prescribed me vit d3.

He also agreed to do more blood tests when i said they should be fasted and 24 hrs after my last levo.

Here sre my new test results

Tsh 8.07 0.30-4.20mU/L

Ft4 13.6 9.00-19.00pmol/L

Ft3 3.3 2.60-5.70pmol/L

Serum vit b12 617 180.00-900.00ng/L

Serum vit d 40

Serum transferrin 3.27 1.80-3.60g/L

Serum iron level 10.5 11.00-30.00micromol/L

Serum folate 6.8 3.00-20.00microg/L

Serum ferritin 18.3 10.00-200.00microg/L

I am currently taking 125mcg levothroxine

6000ui vit d3

Vit k2

Vit b12 & a b complex

Any advice on my results would be greatly appreciated ☺

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It's great your doctor was open to opinions and raised your dose. I am not too good at bloods but others will respond.

Your TSH is obviously high and the aim is a TSH around 1. As your dose is increased your TSH will drop.

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Blimey, well done you!

Yes, your tsh is far far too high here. Tbh before we break out the champagne I don't think an extra 25mcg will be enough to get your tsh down closer to 1 or under, esp if what you're saying is that the blood draw took place after you'd taken your levo.

Are you having another test in six weeks? It does sound like if you continue to apply pressure you may get a result from the gp, which is great. He hasn't dug his heels in, so that is a good sign.

Are you supplementing iron and folate? If not, you will benefit from doing so as your iron in particular is on the ground. I assume you're taking b12.

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I had the blood test done 24hrs after i took my levo, i am using the better you B12 spray and just started taking B complex aswell.

I've got another Dr's appointment on Wednesday to discuss these results ☺


Ok then that's better than if you'd taken it that morning. :-)

You'll need another blood draw in 6-8wks to see what the extra 25mcg has done for you. If your tsh is still not lower than 1 I'd expect another increase.

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