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1st Post. help please

Hoping you can help this is my first post here and i am having multiple and varied symptoms like many im sure.

Battling with depression/anxiety

memory loss fatigue and restless legs/ carpel tunnel and my left middle finger and 4th numb daily. 53 yr male self employed with an active job and doctors tell me my bloods are normal and continue to treat me with antidepressants. told I have a polyp near the appendix and appointment to se specialist in Jan2017!

suggestions please. blood results below should say all show a downward trend for the last 12months

thanks Mark

Serum B12 149 ref 150-1000ng/l

Serum folate 4.5 ref 2-18.8 ug/l

Serum ferritin 12 ref 12-250ug/l

RDW 14.7% ref 12-15%

RBCount 4.6 ref 4.5-6.5

Haemoglobin 142 ref 130-180g/l

Serum TSH 2.1mlU/L ref 0.3- 4.5

All on a downward trend other than RDW which is upward

Many thanks Mark

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Welcome to the forum, Holehead.

TSH indicates your thyroid is beginning to struggle but NHS won't make a hypothyroid diagnosis until your TSH is >4.5.

Ferritin is bottom of range which can indicate iron anaemia. Ferritin is optimal >100 and through to half way in range. I would supplement iron and take each tablet with 1000mg vitamin C to aid absorption and minimise constipation.

Your symptoms may be due to your deficient B12 and low folate. Go to for advice.

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If I were you I'd get a full thyroid function blood test from one of our recommended labs. Even though the British Thyroid Association has told doctors not to diagnose until the TSH is 10, some doctor will if it's around the top of the range but taking your symptoms into consideration, I think a private blood test might be useful. I'll give you a few links and you can make a decision.

Thyroid hormones are T4 (levothyroxine) T3 (liothyronine). T4 is inactive and has to convert to T3. T3 is the active hormone required in the billions of receptor cells in our body and without sufficient we suffer. It is needed for our heart and brain in particular (contains the most receptor cells) and for our whole metabolism to work efficiently.

Doctors are or Endocrinologists don't appear to be trained in how best to analyse and treat patients, even if they have remaining clinical symptoms and are on a decent dose of hormones. An optimum dose means that symptoms are alleviated and we feel much better. Most doctors want to prescribe 'other' meds for the symptoms rather than hormones.

Before blood tests were introduced in the late 60's doctors diagnosed upon clinical symptoms alone and we were given natural desicated thyroid hormones to see if this alleviated the patient's symptoms. It usually did and they were then diagnosed as hypo because they also had low temp and low pulse and many symptoms.

I believe most members use Blue Horizon.

If our Free T3 is too low we cannot function normally.

Also our vitamins and minerals can cause symptoms if deficient.

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