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Help with Kidney function blood test info

Hi Everyone,

Sorry if this is in the wrong place - wasnt sure if it was a thyroid or b12/PA thing and you only get one option. So went with thyroid as thats usually blamed for EVERYTHING by my Doctor!

So recently I noticed that my water intake was drastically increased for the last 2 months or so, I have gone from averaging 6/7 drinks a day or even less. To way over 11/13 glasses of water a day!

So at my recent thyroid blood works, I asked my GP if he would consider checking this out - tbh was worried it might be diabetes- and he added kidney function etc.

It came back satisfactory but some of the numers are falling in the low end of the ref range and 1 near high end.

I've never had this on my previous blood tests so have absolutely NO idea what any of the serums mean or what they do! So any advice would be very gratefully appreciated.

Thank you.

Results are as follows:

HbA1c level ( DCCT aligned) 5.5 - (ref : 4.5 - 5.9)

HbA1c level IFCC standardised 37mmol/mol (ref: 26 - 41)

Serum creatinine 77 umol/L (ref: 41 - 86)

GFR calculated abbreviated MDRD 78.1 mL/ min

Serum chloride. 101 umol/L (ref: 99 - 109)

Serum sodium. 136 mmol/L. (Ref: 133 - 146)

Serum potassium. 4.1 mmol/L. (Ref: 3.5 - 5.3)

Serum urea level . 3.8 mmol/L (ref: 2.5 - 6.5)

Serum adjusted calcium conc 2.29mmol/L (ref: 2.12 - 2.63)

Serum albumin. 44.9g/L. (Ref: 31.0 - 45.0)

Thank you

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You have had a diabetic check: the first two HbA1c test blood sugar / control in previous 8-10 weeks, which are fine. The GFR relates to kidney function, as a diabetic myself 'above 60' is low risk, the higher number the better. Other tests seem ok, the dreaded 'in range'. One thing good about diabetes is GPs pull their fingers out re testing, unlike with hypothyroidism. I have phases when I drink more/ less, but no obvious reason, even when I have had fibromyalgia sweats or fibromyalgia need to urinate frequently. Can be colds etc - breathing thru mouth, more hidden salt in diet, excercise/heat... perhaps others will have suggestions.


Judithdalston thanks for the reply Judith. Ah I thought it was just kidney function.

I'm really careful about diet, salt sugar that sort of thing. Normally I'd trest myself to squash but with the amount of glasses I am drinking its just water and 1 cuppa of tea a day. Trying to cut out caffeine.

Just was curious to see if its a Thyroid/ b12/ vit D thing?

I Have NEVER in my life drank so much or been to the toilet so often! Lol



Not aware it's a thyroid thing, but can get water retention with hypo. Have you gained weight?


Judithdalston no actually have lost 1 pound! And its stayed off for last 2 whole weeks total miracle for me!


Just keep an eye on things, and if you weight goes down more return to doctor.

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Judithdalston will do! V much doubt that it will, even when i diet / dettox etc nada!

Thanks for the advice x


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