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Latest blood results - help please?

Latest blood results - help please?

I have been taking Thyroid-S since beginning of September, increasing from 1 grain to 2.5grains increasing every 2 weeks till the blood test.

I have included the printout below of the results.

I actually feel worse now then I have ever felt, despite the TSH coming down from 2.95 in July (previously to that it was 4.39).

I know the current TSH below at 0,01 is to be expected when taking NDT, so not surprised at that.

There are also lots of other changes to vitamins/minerals that have had a good impact due to dietary changes and supplements, so I am now hoping that some of you can help me see where the problem is. Is it a conversion problem, absorption problem, MTHFR, D102 gene etc?

Results (to compare and Ranges shown in printout below)

TSH - was 2.95, now 0.01

Free T3 - was 4.51, now 6.70

Free T4 - was 17, now 21.43

T4 Total - was 100, now 120.7

Rev T3 - was 23, now 21

AntiThPeroxidase - was10.5, now 10.7

AntiThGlobulin - was 86.2, now 47.7

Vit D - was 63.9, now 101

Vit B12 - was 573, then lozenges raised to 1081, and without lozenges for last 3 months - now 774

Folate - was 17.7, now 44.63

Ferritin - was 41, now 70.2

I have read so, so much now that I am getting more and more confused!

Sorry to have to ask, but would really value anyones thoughts please?

Thank you


(p.s. I will post my 19yr olds bloods later this evening to ask about those too - lots of the results are rather similar except he has only been on 25xLevo rather than NDT)

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How long had you been taking 2.5 grains before you tested?


2.5weeks Clutter x



If you had waited the recommended 6-8 weeks after increasing dose to 2.5 grains before testing I think it is likely you would be considerably over range as FT4 and FT3 are pretty much top of range after 2.5 weeks. I would skip Thyroid-S for 3 or 4 days to let some of it wash out and then reduce dose to 2 grains and retest in 6-8 weeks. Having FT4 and FT3 at the top of range doesn't suit everyone.

Symptoms can take several months after blood levels are good to resolve.

The good news is that antibodies are negative for autoimmune thyroid disease (Hashimoto's) and ferritin, vitamin D, B12 and folate are optimal.


That's equivalent to more than 200mcg levo, which is quite a high dose, esp if you were on 50mcg before starting Thyroid-S. And you've raised the dose too quickly.

You really need to be on the same dose for six to eight weeks before a blood test to reflect a stable situation. All this says is what your bloods were like on that day, but we know they will continue to change over the next four to six weeks.

I am no expert on ndt, so take that into consideration, but if I were you I'd reduce back down to 1.5gr and stay there for six weeks, then test.

My concern is that you will go wildly over range on this dose if this is your results at 2.5wks. At the time when this test was done you were on the edge of overmedication and as you had only raised the dose 2.5wks before the test your levels will continue to rise.

Re conversion, I do think you might have a problem. I'd expect to see much lower t4 results on ndt.

Again, no expert on rt3, but it's quite high (though falling). I wonder if this is just down to too much medication or if in the long run you may feel better on t3 alone.

Finally, I sympathise with your desire to get better quickly but keep in mind that these things sometimes take months if not years to untangle. You may not feel better until you've been on a stable dose of meds for long enough. Your body needs to catch up after all these changes. Some people have an easily solvable problem, like if they've been low on t3 or vit d for a while and it is introduced they may feel better immediately, but many of us have more complex issues to figure out.

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(Sorry for some overlap w Clutter's answers. I was writing when the reply above was posted.)

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meant to have said symptoms are:-

Continual dull ache throughout body all day, every day

Drained feeling, no energy, back to falling asleep again so easily when I sit down,

Swollen tongue, crimped

Knees swollen, water retention to look at

Face been changing shape for 3 yrs, puffy and swollen along jawline

Eyebrows and other body hair thinning

constant pain in heels, plantar facilitis


Thanks Sany12!

I keep thinking this myself, and now need to get my dad's done to further investigate and support this idea! Thank you again, I felt I needed to keep trying all other ideas first but it keeps coming back to this thought.

My son's

TSH 2.54 down from 3.87 (0.27-4.2)

T3 is 5.8 (3.1-6.8)

His T4 is 22.57 (12-22)

His reverse T3 is 24 (10-24)

I will continue on my current dose and retest in the new year as others suggested.

I will also now source some T3 for the poss future!



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