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Help with blood results please

Hello lovely thyroid people, I was diagnosed with hashimotos a year ago. I've been on varying doses of levothyroxine, up to 150mcg but seem to have settled on 100 mcg. Three months ago I started on t3, prescribed by my endo. My blood results just before starting t3 were t4 12.6 ( 11-23 ), tsh 0.46 ( 0.27-4.5 ). My blood results now are t4 22 and tsh 0.01. I don't understand?? I started a gluten free diet a couple of months ago and have lost 22 pounds and definitely feel better than I did whether that's down to t3 or diet, how ever I don't understand why my t4 is suddenly right at the top of the range? Could it be because I'm absorbing better? Also I am vit d deficient so have been taking supplements, could it be that? I just want to understand better to ward off changes in doses because I actually feel so much better than I have 😀

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Have you had your antibodies tested? It could be a Hashi's flare.

I'm totally amazed that your doctor put you on T3 without testing the FT3, first, to get a base line; and hasn't tested it the second time, because when you are taking T3 the only important test is the FT3.


Hi, I'm delighted you have replied. I'm afraid that after my initial diagnosis when my antibodies were high my GP uses it as a diagnostic tool and not something that needs monitoring. My endo prescribed me t3 which my GP doesn't believe in, his words were 'it's something they give patients when they don't know what else to do' . I'm due to see my endo soon and will ask him to organise a t3 and antibody test. I never cease to be amazed at the haphazard way in which this condition is handled! Im learning fast! I feel a bit concerned that I'm taking t3 and have no idea what my levels are! I do feel generally better though for the first time in a year. This forum and members like you are invaluable, thank you


There's no need for another antibody test. Once you know you have it, you have to act accordingly, and expect your levels to go up and down. If they suddenly go high, it doesn't mean that you've suddenly become greatly over-medicated - that's not possible, if you just increase by 25 mcg every six weeks - it just means that you've had a Hashi's attack on your gland, and that the dying cells have dumped their hormone into the blood stream - which is how Hashi's functions. No need to alter your dose, just stay off it for a few days until you start to feel hypo again - because you will go hypo again!

Are you gluten-free and taking selenium?

But, you do need that FT3 test. :)


Hi greygoose, yes I've been gluten free for 6 weeks, it's improved my digestion and my swollen hands and ankles have disappeared as well as losing some weight! Selenium, no I haven't been taking that. Im on vit d3 because I'm deficient and am going to get some folic acid because my level was at the very bottom of the range. I will research selenium, thank you. My GP poo hoos the importance of vitamin levels although my endo stresses their importance.


Not surprising your GP poo poos nutrients. They don't 'do' them in med school!

How's your B12?


Vitamin D 30, ferritin 89(13-150), folate 3.7(2-18.7), B12 420(197-771), thank you


That vit D is pretty low. I'm not sure you're taking enough pure vit D3 to raise the level.

Ferritin is pretty good.

Folate is low, but I wouldn't recommend folic acid.

B12 could be higher. So, I would recommend 1000 mcg sublingual methylcobalamin (B12) a day. Plus a B complex with at least 400 mcg methylfolate a day.


Thank you so much for your help 😄


You're welcome. :)


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