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Hi I have Hashis, here are my vitamin D results. I have been told I have a deficiency in this so have been supplementing. My doctor says latest results look ok but it's in suboptimal range, should I continue supplementing?

Vitamin D I have supplemented with sublingual D3, 3000iu in 2014 then 1000iu in 2015.

JAN 14


MAY 14


OCT 14


APR 15


OCT 15


MAY 16



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  • I would continue to supplement. You could always try alternating 1000 and 2000, as long as you monitor your levels. You may find 1000 isn't quite enough if you have a tendency to be deficient.

  • Elspet 75-200 is replete. Recommended is 100-150. Doctors don't know much about nutrition/supplementing to optimal levels. Continue supplementing and aim for 100.

  • Thank you for this, when would I need to get my vitamin D level checked again or how often? Doctor isn't keen on rechecking my vitamin D, he says it's too expensive.

  • I get mine done through City Assays and they recommend twice a year if supplementing (costs £28, easy blood spot fingerprick test).

  • You should get it checked every 6 months while trying to get your level high and then yearly once you are on a maintenance dose.

    You have to do this privately as the NHS won't do it. It costs the NHS around £17 per vitamin D test. So GPs are advised only to repeat tests on those who were initially severely deficient until they are in the adequate level. Some areas are even harsher than this where patients can only get a test every 2 years regardless of their level.

    Personally at your level I would take 5,000IU per day for 8-10 weeks then drop down to 2,000IU per day as a maintenance dose for life. That way you are very likely to get your level over 100nmol/L easily and keep it there.

    As vitamin D levels rise slowly you won't get to toxicity levels with that amount.

    The only time you can ever skip doses is if you are going out in the sun for the day. Even then there is no guarantees your skin will utilise the sun to make vitamin D.

  • Hello Blue bug

    Its interesting that the NHS will only do a test of Vit D cost of £17 per test wow, is that price based in the main land ?where did you find out that info ?

    thank you

  • Another poster (sorry can't remember the name) who also has an interest in why the NHS won't do certain things did some digging.

    You can actually if you do enough digging find out how much medicines and vaccines cost the NHS. Some of the information is available online, while with other stuff if you know some health professionals socially they will answer you. GPs are the least likely health professionals to discuss the costs of things.

  • Hi

    Its a joke when your doctor says having Vit D tested is EXPENSIVE OMG !! Did you not pay in to the health service threw your tax?? What price does you doctor put on your health??

    You should go back ask your doctor that you want to see a Endocroligist

    Good Luck

  • You can asked to be referred to any specialist and the GP can comply, however the specialist can refuse to see the patient if they don't fit their criteria for referral. Many (but not all) specialist departments have long waiting lists for referrals.

    If you have a good GP when you turn up with signs and symptoms they are not sure how to treat and you leave, they phone a relevant specialist for advice. The specialist can either then tell the GP to get the patient to A&E immediately, to take particular medication, read certain information or to refer.

    Unfortunately there are some GPs who presume they have seen it all and either don't ask for advice or ignore it when it is given.

  • just found a link called

    nhs electronic drug tariff , check it out

  • This article talks about importance of vitamin B when taking vitamin D.

    The article recommends supplementing with vitamin B complex. This would also improve your falling folate

    We need good quality Vit B - one that has folate, rather than cheaper folic acid, that is less easy to access and use.

  • They found people with low vitamin D have a tendency to be deficient or low in other vitamins and minerals.

    It's likely to be a correlation due to housebound people having illnesses that mean they are likely to have low nutrient levels.

  • I have read a lot of studies recently about Vit d3 being a vitamin and hormone drs know nothing about and i know it is true! My dr told me I was fine and months later i requested copies of labs and my D was in the 20s!!!! then i got rechecked and it was after i started self supplementing with my nutritonalist brother's help and my level had risen to almost 50 she then said it was getting very high and it was optimal!! lol most people should have a level of at least 80 and auto immune disease should be over 100!

  • I forgot to say take vitamin K2 and magnesium if you supplement vitamin D. They both ensure the vitamin D directs calcium to where it's needed.

    If you don't want to take the K2 for life then start eating fermented foods regularly.

    Unfortunately due to depleted soils you will have to supplement magnesium daily. Look for magnesium citrate.

  • All autoimmune disease probably has vitamin D connection.

    Either we just need more, or we have vitamin d polymorphism

  • You need to take K2 MK-7 with Vitamin D3 this is really important.. It will send the Vit D and calcium to your bones and NOT to your veins... Believe me been there x

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