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Estrogen and thyroid

So I received my estrogen levels (total) . It did not give me a reference range. Its funny to me that everything is out of whack.

Total Estrogen. 724.3

progesterone 0.7

lh 17.3

tsh 3.95


thyroglobine antibodies 2ml

I dont know about the estrogen, but it seems like it would be too much , considering my progesterone. Does anyone have insite on this does high estrogen cause the thyroid to rise or is it still thyroid disease and needs to be treated? Or is it just a matter of getting hormones balanced with progesterone.

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Sex hormone issues are common in women with low thyroid hormone and each separate conditions will aggravate others as all hormones are dependant on each other.

For many women, their progesterone levels fall more quickly than their oestrogen, creating “oestrogen dominance”. This causes the liver to produce high levels of a protein called “thyroid binding globulin”, which binds the thyroid hormone and decreases the amount available for use by the cells.

As our ovaries supply of sex hormones starts to diminish, our adrenals are supposed to secrete enough to see us well through old age but our adrenals are often exhausted through supporting low thyroid hormone (and other stresses).

Your partial hysterectomy may be a contributory factor to your oestrogen dominance that needs addressing with more progesterone. Many find the Wellsprings Transdermal Cream effective but as your oestrogen is very high, this may not be enough. I supplement progesterone in a bioidentical form in capsules called Utrogestan prescribed by my doctor..

Also supporting your adrenals glands as I have read of women who start, and have later helped to rectify sex hormone imbalances without the addition of HRT.

A high fiber diet and regular bowel movements will help remove oestrogen through the body as improper elimination can cause it to become reabsorbed.

You have Hashimotos so may need thyroid hormone replacement to replace missing thyroid hormones and HRT or trans-dermal creams to replace missing sex hormones.

Are you supplementing your low Vit B12 and Vit D levels ? ? ... Have you had folate and ferritin tested yet ? Have you had T4 and T3 tested yet ? ? ...

Have you had testosterone tested ? ?




My doctor still does not want to treat me she said my levels were not high enough and said I should go see my obgyn, because my estrogen was so high. Very upset at this point. I have been feeling awful for months. I do has a thyroid ultrasound scheduled , because I have a feeling of something stuck in my throat and it hurts all the time. I also have had head and neck pain with swollen lymph nodes. They gave me antibiotics, that went away for a week and now im back to feeling the pain in my neck and ears. I also have a strong history of thyroid disease in my family. My mother, grandmother and my mothers brothers all have hypothyroidism. Mt tsh levels have climbed alot in the last year and you would think with me feeling so bad, she would start medicating. Im so miserable and all she tells me is we will keep an eye on it and tells me to call obgyn. Im hoping my obgyn can help me maybe ever get me medicine for thyroid or else I will have to look for new pcp.

I just received my new levels for my thyroid. They tested for TPO andThyroglob Ab.

My Thyroglob Ab was over at 2ng/ml (reference 0-1)

Thyroid TSH was at 3.95

A month ago it was at 3.35

jan 2016 2.35

It has been going up so , Im hopeing now my doctor starts to take me seroiusly.

T3 110

Ferritin 48

Folate 14

Thyroid Peroxidase (TPO) Ab 2ng/ml

Vitamin d was 34

Vitamin B was 325 ( around that )

t3 total 110

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