The thyroid and estrogen?

After some guidance lovely folk if any of you lovely people can help?

I've been having some issues over the last 6 months regarding the above it appears? Estrogen and the thyroid.

On a few occasions I've been to the doctors who have referred me back to the (privately paid)?endo....

First it was because my monthly cycle was shortening to every one in three coming every 15 days. Then it was breast pain. Increased thyroid medication and breast pain went and now 15 day cycles are still happening but less often..

I was also referred (just to be sure) for an ultrasound. They found thick endometrial lining and some mild inflamation. Then referred to gyneo. Yesterday he seemed to be sure I was estrogen deficant and wants to put me on hormone replacement in the form of the Yasmin pill.

He also said the thyroid is boss and that I should see a 'endo'😳

So I'm wondering if any of you fellow thyroidians 😊Have had similar problems with estrogen and your thyroid and if it's wise to start this hormone pill?

God bless and many thanks in advance

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  • Myself and sister have both just had hysterectomy due to fibroids ( in our late 40's). It was only afterwards I read about the link between fibroids and too much Oestrogen and how the oestrogen 'feeds' the fibroid. I wonder if it would help for you to ask your doctor this, or read up on it yourself.

  • I had a hysterectomy, before I was diagnosed as being Hypo.

    At the age of 36 my periods were down to an eleven day cycle, and completely uncontrollable, with flooding and hideous pain.

    Amazingly I got pregnant at 40, which they thought might sort me out, but sadly didn't.

    And after my youngest was born, my Gyno tried to control it with various pills etc again, but to no avail, and we eventually agreed that a hysterectomy was the best option for me after nearly 4 years of trying to resolve them medically, and to be honest I've not looked back.

    I don't know if my thyroid was the cause of my problems, I'm guessing that it was, but a bit of breast pain every now and again is so much better than having periods.

  • Ill be following this post. My periods are all over the place too

  • Thanks so much everyone - I'm going to dig much deeper I think before I start in any pills? I was sure I had estrogen dominance from my symptoms so I'm unsure taking a tablet to increase the estrogen is wise? nothing simple? Damn you thyroid 🤔😡🤒

  • Yes yasmin didn't work for me. Yesterday GP gave me some progesterone pessaries to use in the 12th day of my cycle but I haven't read anything about it yet. Hope is a good thing. How did you know you had estrogen dominance? I'm tired of digging to be honest

  • For surely though I'd be given some progesterone. I was sure estrogen dom' because of weight gain (esp around middle) thick endometrial lining, hairloss, fatigue and more....totally confused now. I think I'm going to not take the pills and try any get my thyroid optimised - ha! This sounds easy but you haven't met my doctors or endo 🤔

  • I was on oestrogen pill, for only 22 months between having 2 kids. before taking it my periods were irregular, anything up to 49 days once, average about 35 days. Before going on the pill they were v heavy and painful, it was like passing huge clots.

    after 2nd birth, went back on for 13 years before I was sterilised at age 35. the pill made me regular, not as heavy and less painful. I never looked back with regularity afterwards and everything else improved. of course being sterilised isn't the same as having a hysterectomy so I reached menopause at normal age. now I can't remember if it was mid 40's or 50's although inclined to think perhaps it was 50's.

    Sailed through my menopause, but don't currently have a clue as to whether or not my hormones are normal or whether I should ask for a hormone test, if so which ones, or just to let things lie, I've enough going on already but if hormone treatment would help my brain, liver or thyroid, then any improvement in one or all would be welcome. I do think my thyroid on a day to day basis, is what gives me least problems, who knows I could be wrong!

  • Bless you. Sounds like you've had a right tough ride also. Although, I'm hoping I too sail thorough the menopause. After all this I'm not sure I can handle much more. Us women sure get the tough end of the stick. Thanks for your reply - it's much appreciated.

  • HI

    I can only comment about the breast pain I have taken Evening Primrose tablet for many years due to Breast pain this was recommended by my GP and does help a lot


  • I increased my thyroid dose and strangely this went away? Apparently, the thyroid controls ALL HORMONES so there just had to be a link? I also take EPO for hairloss and pmt x

  • How is the EPO working for you Natalie.? in summer I felt my hair was starting to thicken and not fall out so much, though it was down to the hair products I was using - now I don't think so because few of the things that had improved have now reverted back to normal. my biggest concern is that they don't all happen at same time. hair loss or not, feeling bodily cold or not, the throat lumpiness or not, bone pain problems with my feet. come and go at different times, which is why although I reckon the thyroid is part of the problem, it don't think it's all of it!

    I wonder if it could come back to other hormones, glands, all things seem to be part of my whole endocrine system not working properly, again liver and blood being the main carriers of things right and wrong! my heart and lungs are fine!

  • Too be honest SAMBS I've been on it since b4 it started to shed as I used to get really awful pms so I have no idea if it helps or not unfortunately? But I'm cold with hands and feet too most of the time, dry skin and scalp thankfully when I gave up dairy my joint pain went☺️

  • I may be wrong but I thought oestrogen made the lining thicken, then progesterone made it shed?

    You'd have thought he would have tested your sex hormones before making a diagnosis?

  • I know right! You're absolutely spot on from what I was thinking🙄 I'm going to book an apt with the doctor and ask my questions - not that I think they'll be much help?

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