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Help with test result from BH

Hope you can help me with my test results.They are from Bh. I'm on 2x20 T3 daily.

TSH 3.26 (0.27 - 4.20)

Free T3 3.57 (3.1 - 6.8)

Reverse T3 <2.0 (10-24)

Anti-thyroidperoxidase abs 6.1 (<34)

Anti-thyroglobulin Abs 11.0 (115)

Vitamin D (25OH) 54 (Insufficient 25-50)

Vitamin B12 199 (insufficient 140-250)

Serum Folate 25.39 (10.4-42.4)

Should I change the dose of my T3? What do I have to do???

Please help.

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I would say you have to increase your dose. How much are you on? Your TSH is too high and your FT3 is much too low.

Your B12 is also much too low, and I think your doctor should test you for Pernicious Anemia. Your vit D is also too low and needs supplementing. No ferritin tested?


I take 2x20 T3 = 40 T3 each day. One I take in the morning the second tablet I take in the afternoon. Do the NHS test for pernicious anaemia? Or do I have to pay private for it? It's not easy to get an appointment with my GP, where I'm. But I would try if the NHS would do this test.

I had no test for ferritin. Must do it next time.


Yes, the NHS does do it, but it depends how helpful your GP is. He should do it, with such a low B12, but some of them are so ignorant that they think anything in range is just 'fine'. You might have to use your powers of persuasion!

You should increase your T3. 40 mcg is not an enormous dose.


Hello Greygoose

So sorry, I had a ferritin test it was 57.4 (20-150).

Is this good?



It's sub optimal. Ferritin is optimal 75-100 in your range. You can supplement iron with 1000mg vitamin C to aid absorption and minimise constipation. Take iron 4 hours away from T3.



You are undermedicated. TSH is too high and FT3 too low. Your dose needs increasing to 3 x 20mcg.

Vitamin D is insufficient. Most people are comfortable when vitD is around 100. I would supplement 5,000iu D3 for 2-3 months to raise level and then maintain with a reduced dose of 5,000iu alternate days and retest in April. Take vitamin D 4 hours away from T3.

NHS does test intrinsic factor antibodies to rule out pernicious anaemia. You can get advice on B12 deficiency and pernicious anaemia on


Thanks for the reply.

I would try to get vitamin D,iron and vitamin c.

And try to see my GP for B12 deficiency and hope he would agree to the pernicious anaemia test.

Thank goodness that this site exists.

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It is easier to supplement vitamin D, iron and vitamin C yourself by buying what you need. The NHS usually only prescribes when levels are below range.

For iron they will only prescribe long enough to get your levels into the range, they don't worry about optimal.

For vitamin D they often under-medicate, and levels never get to optimal. They will often prescribe calcium with vitamin D as well, which isn't a good idea unless you know you are deficient.

And I've never heard of the NHS testing vitamin C.


Thanks for your reply.

I have ordered my vitamins.

I'm really greatful for all your help.

I feel so much better knowing that there are people out there that care.


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