A bit of good news 😊

I just thought I would share with you all that I actually saw a gp who has basically given me the go ahead to try treatments and has listened to what I want!!!!! I know bloody miracle right? I have to say thank you to you very knowledgeable helpful people on here who advised me to get the blue horizon testing done, it was soooo the best advice, my blood test came back with 8/12 tests not in correct ranges, armed with a copy for my gp to keep i went to the dr expecting a fight but I am now on treatments for low iron, vit b9, b12, vit d and even though my latest tsh was 2 I asked to up my Levo another 25mcg to get a reading nearer 0.5 and she agreed 😄 I actually feel I'm starting to feel better and get a spring back in my step, just need to shift some weight now. Thanks again for the advice and good luck to others xx

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  • NICE!!!!!!!!! So happy for u..

  • Where do you live.... I'm tempted to move!!!

  • There will be mass movement to your area, I think :)

  • Stockport x

  • Hallelujah x

  • Well done - and yes it is a miracle that your GP listened and prescribed. She's a gem. Many GPs ignore private tests taken into the surgery

    You will now be filled with enthusiasm that you're on your way to good health. :).

  • Well done! That is so heartening to hear there are some GPs that will listen (I assume you are in the UK?) - I did the same & she sent the results to the Endos but they said no need to change treatment, and she is unwilling to do anything outside of 'guidlines' - she did give me iron though.

  • I wrote down lots of advice from things I've seen on hear and managed to blag her I was knowledgeable and asked the right questions, a few tears and begged her to let me try, started b12 last week need the 6 injections over 2 weeks then 1 jab every 3 months to maintain. My last fight is for them to investigate the gut issues blue horizon mentioned 3 times in their report which so far has been ignored but I'm hoping for a positive response.

  • Have you tried going gluten free for the gut issues? All the advice I've read says it really helps and I have now stopped the gluten and although I wasn't suffering really badly I've noticed a big difference in the bloating.

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