A little bit of a success story?

I've been on Levo since August, and after my last blood test GP decided no further action necessary even though I was no better at all. By a sheer fluke saw another (wonderful!) GP who not only listened to me but had loads of tests done. All the test results were normal (for Coeliac, B12, Vit D, liver and kidney function, prolactin and other hormone-y ones). I can't quite believe that I didn't take notice of the TSH and T4 -I was too busy looking for the T3 results, which annoyingly the lab did not test for and was the one thing I was specifically interested in. She tried again but her computer would not accept the request so she reckons that our area just mustn't test for T3 at all. She asked where I wanted to go from here (it was so refreshing to be asked and not told!). The tests were taken about 5 weeks ago and as luck would have it, in that time I have actually seen a bit of improvement. I am now pretty regular at the loo, my insomnia has improved, I'm not quite as "foggy" and my hair (though still not back to normal) is a lot better (more about that later!). I still have very low moods, am gaining weight and have zero libido though so I know I'm not out of the woods yet. The GP suggested staying on 100mcg and to go back in February and hopefully things might have improved further and if not, she will refer me to an Endo. So...a little bit of a success story maybe?

The hair thing....! I started using a Kerastase shampoo for thinning hair and saw results straight away. However, I am also taking Fruitflow capsules and I'm wondering if the improved circulation has increased blood flow to my scalp?? Or maybe it's the Levo that's working? Sorry I can't be more specific :-(

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  • Hi Infomaniac - you might have been better putting this in the post section as, although there are a few small questions in there, its not really a question is it? Could also be why nobody has answered you yet - which I'm sorry about as it's an interesting read. You might want to copy and paste into the posts section to see if you get a better response.

    Moggie x

  • Hi Moggie, do you know, I have never even looked at the "posts" section. I will do as you suggest as the hair thing, vague as it is, might help someone :-) x

  • You dont know what your missing.lol. It's more about life experiences - some funny, some sad - and can be very informative. Since they changed the name of this section from blogs to posts an awful lot of people have been asking questions in there, which is a shame, as they tend to get missed.

    Moggie x

  • Good to know-thanks a lot :-) x

  • The lab will test the TSH and if its in range will not do any other tests, recently my niece had blood tests and the lab did not do T3 even though the GP requested it.

  • Absolutely ludicrous isn't it?

  • She is attempting to redress the balance by informing the doctor that the tests HE requested were not done!! I was appalled when I went to my GP who did not know the reference ranges for any of the tests she had ordered, I said I was not prepared to be diagnosed by a faceless lab tech and left!!

  • Good for you. That's what it boils down to though isn't it? As if it wasn't bad enough that our health depends on clueless doctors-we now have to clueless lab technicians to contend with!

  • hello infomaniac-- what are fruitflow tablets? i have same prob and i was eventually sentto a dermo who knew more that endos-- i told her my smyptoms were of an adrenal crash in 2007 and wwwas in hosp and again 2010 til now, but no one did a cortisol tests, in 2007....she said-- they wont they dont even think of it!... she gave me some steriod llotion and a prescripton for awig but i dont get on with them too thick too bulky too wiggy too false. so i went on to MPB resources and spoke to some one there, he told me that loreal has a product , hairmax, but if i bought the stuff myself it would go further, mega green tea extract,bio- curcumic to get rid inflammation, taurine, optizinc, reservatrol, and ibought some stuff from PHYTO, my hair has improved, altho i notic eit is now in the comb again, but i have had alot of stress again, and i think that is how my body works now and i think that is also cos no one listened and sorted my hormones adrenals /thyroid etc so now i am left with autonmonic dysfunction and cant cope with stress, hair loss causes more of the same, but i would like to know what friutflow tabs are and the keratse shamppp i s ther e just one or more than one thanks and i am glad you are getting there. x

  • Fruitflow is a product made from tomatoes (I think) and is supposed to improve blood circulation. I don't think I'm alllowed to put a link on here so if you google "Fruitflow" you will get all the info. I can't say if it they are responsible but the way I look at it is, they should be good for me anyway! The Kerastase is called "Stimuliste" and again I can't say if that's responsible either, but it's a nice shampoo anyway. I tried Phyto and the Aveda one and they made no difference whatsoever...and to be honest I wonder if any shampoo can. Good luck though and I hope something works for you x

  • Relevant links to appropriate sites are not only allowed, they are positively encouraged.

    Only if they identify sources of prescription-only medicines or are bad links (e.g.spam, don't work, etc.) is there a problem.


  • Oh right-I wasn't sure so was erring on the side of caution! Here it is then:


    You can buy them elsewhere-I've just posted this as it shows reviews x

    Admin edited link to include the TUK amazon affiliate link - every penny helps :)

  • thanks-- infomaniac... i hav bad curculation i have 'severe blood pooling.

  • Hopefully it will work for you then Pettals

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