More news on my Mum :-)

Please read my previous blog on my fight for increase in Thyroxine for my obviously under medicated Mum. Well thanks to this forum my Dad read Dr S's book and fought for her as her health is so poor. At 76 years young the GP actually thought he was a retired GP lol :-). Anyway she has her increase after his rebuttal and my letter. She is mentally clearer after a month but actually taking advise from me which she wouldn't entertain weeks ago. She is taking Vit D as her joint and muscle pains are crippling her. Her GP said they don't test Vit D wtf !!!. Also got her to take B12. She now talks about seeing Dr Skinner which weeks ago we daren't mention. How she was allowed to get in this state God only knows but thanks to you all giving me advice when I started on this journey with myself,me and my Dad have gathered the knowledge to get her well. You are all wonderful thank you and I will keep you all updated xx

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  • Thanks so much for taking the time to let us know. Sounds like you have done a wonderful job. :-)


  • Shona, that is a fantastic result. Well done to your dad too for kicking butt too!!!

    Hope you mum continues to return to better health.

    Ann xxx

  • Wonderful news Shona. I hope your mum is really enjoying her new life. Jane x

  • Great news! Hope your mum continues to get great results. Kxx

  • Crossing everything for you Shona, shame we have to fight for everything. XXX

  • Thank you for letting us know, and hope mum continues to improve - but mostly well done you, for sharing you knowledge with loved ones (I know how hard a task that is!) J :D

  • Happy news and am sure her progress continues. Sometimes when your health is beginning to fail, the person isn't always aware of how bad she appears to people who know her.

  • Really great news Shona :-) so pleased for you and your family xx

  • ...thank you for sharing such positive news. Have been without a computer for a week and have so much to catch up with. So good to read that battles can be won. Congratulations !

  • Great news, Well done. And thanks for sharing.

  • Well done for getting through to your Mum and for your Dad getting through to GP, we all know how hard that one is. I am trying to impart what information I have learn't to my husband, who has had some bad blood results lately (not thyroid related), but he has said he will not listen to information I give him - oh well, he will learn, but hopefully before it is too late. Wish you all well. Janet.

  • Thank you all means a lot. Was a stressful time watching her get so ill. Iam just so angry that her GP let her get so bad. Xx

  • Good to hear! Knowledge is power. Thanks to this website my sister has been diagnosed following my own, hard-won campaign - again based on information collected here.

  • That's a maxing well done I hope I get to feel the same soon

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