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Pre-doctors apt newby

A really bad few weeks, after having 3mth off work with depression, trying to fight GP, saying its thyroid, going back to work for 2 wks the coming home exhausted, need help!!?

Forearmed with as much info as poss. I have done lots of reading and research this week, no feeling strong to fight my corner.

2 mths ago, GP rang me to lower my Levo I said no!!!

TSH 0.09. Starting range Range 0.5

T4 normal range

T3 3.8 starting range is 3.5

New blood done this week, with the advice from the guys hear have requested all vitamins plus as many as they would agree to, will post tomorrow.

Feeling like s....... Daily headaches, severe intermittent lethargy, cannot cope with any stress, one min ok the nx in tears, periods of feeling very cold, other times (as usual fairly warm) sweaty on exercise.

Feel I need T3 replacement, any other info or advice before seeing GP tomorrow would be great, need to get through this without crying, the label of depression had struck, recent telephone call when I said I had had enough of feeling rubbish just resulted in more time off sick (struggling to pay mortgage as no sick pay now) and an increase in citalopram (30mg at the mo) I did not increase it, do not want to be constantly on antidepressants.

Please help

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What is your T4 result and range?


That didn't come out on the print out they gave me for my July results. Hoping to have a more detailed record tomorrow

Serum free T3 3.8 range 3.50-6.5

Serum TSH 0.09 tangerine 0.35-4.5

Hb 139 range 120-160



Post the new results in a new question tomorrow.

Without FT4 result and range I can't tell whether you need more Levothyroxine or whether you are a poor converter.


OK will do x


Just rang the surgery may get results later to day happy to post x


With an FT3 that low, you shouldn't really be exercising. It uses up your T3, which you cannot easily replace, leaving you more hypo. Just gentle walking/swimming/yoga until your FT3 is optimised. :)

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Omg I'm not going mad,

Just rang GP

They still didn't bloody do my thyroid levels but serum C reactive protein is 31 level starts at o.2

They said they think I might need a referral arghhhhhhhhhhhh screaming


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