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Blood test results, increase needed

Merry Christmas all. I posted a couple of weeks back about feeling a little under medicated. Had a message from docs to arrange a telephone appointment tomorrow to discuss an increase. I'm on 75mcg t4 and 30mcg t3. Results are:

TSH: 2.8 range 0.5-4.5

T4: 7, range 9-23

T3: 3.8, range 3.8-6.9

I was thinking increase Levo to 100mcg and t3 to 40mcg? I've had time off work so have had a chance to rest but have pretty much been a vegetable since Christmas Eve ☺️ Thanks all x

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sure seems you need quite an increase in meds even beyond what you are contemplating given those results

what status is your ferritin and folate because if they are not both optimal at over halfway in their ranges this could account for not utilising the levo

if they are low you need to compensate with more t3 and less t4 as the body cannot convert t4 into t3 if




vit d3

are low

also be very sure you are not using aluminium or non stick coated pans or using foil as both aluminium and fluoride seriously depress thyroid and cause a lot more problems besides

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Thanks lovely, haven't had them tested since September. Get regular b12 injections. I take a daily multivitamin with iron (has folic acid too) after a bout of anaemia almost 2 years ago. Vit D was low this year and started supplementing in Juneish. Managed to increase it quite a bit by September and have reduced the dose. Gp didn't get the importance of vitamin D but my endo did! Is the fluctuation down to hashi's or just that time of year?

Interesting about the foil- used lots over the festive period! X


all forms of aluminium are lethal in so many ways in the body

maybe you have low stomach acid as that's involved with B12 and maybe you need to take Betaine


Sorry for the late reply, I really didn't know that! I do have some Betaine as I thought I had that issue last year and turned out to be a stomach infection! Might try it again though x


Stomach infections are generally result of low stomach acid and given your thyroid results i believe its vital you take betaine fast


Penny, increase either Levothyroxine or T3 but not both at the same time. As your FT3 is low I'd recommend increasing T3 to 40mcg.


Thanks so much as always. Doc is only increasing thyroxine so might take a wee bit of time to notice the difference. x


I think trying a rise will be a good idea as your TSH is too high. If you feel a bit overstimulated on the increase reduce dose slightly down as sometimes all that is needed is a small tweak in meds to work.


Thanks Shaws. Spoke with my GP last week (sorry, been shattered and barely online - slept for 26 hours in 2 days!). He has increased my T4 by 25mcg. I suggested the T3 increase to give me an immediate hit but it's "expensive".

Managed to get out of bed today, don't think I realised how shattered I was! x


See how you feel in a couple of days. The idea of levo is to make us feel well, not just a small improvement.


Email and ask for a copy of the Pulse Online article by Dr Toft (ex President of the BTA) and discuss with your GP question 6 which gives hints on how low our TSH can be.


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