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Advice please after endo apt

Latest results on 125mcg levo and 18.75mcg t3 tests taken 24h after last dose t4 and t3. Am still feeling horrible.

Tsh 0. 03

Ft4 16.7 (10-19.8)

Ft3 6.7 (3.5-6.5)

Endo said he wanted me to get tsh back in range. My tsh had been under range since starting so I'm not sure this will help me.

To reduce t3 to 6.25 and keep levo the same. Does this sound like a good idea? Can I reduce t3 in one go?

Will my ft4 increase if I reduce t3?

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Your T3 is possibly to high for you as it's over range after 24hrs without taking it so likely even higher on a normal day.


Thank you!


Hi - I wouldn't worry about tsh, it is almost always that low when on t3. What is an issue is your ft3, in that you are over range and, as per bantam12, taking last dose of t3 12 hrs before test as recommended would likely have produced an even higher result. Being over can produce as many symptoms and make you feel as bad as being under.

So endo is right that dose needs to be reduced but for wrong reasons. I would reduce your t3 but only by 6.25 so back to half a tab and see what happens. This is the maximum you should reduce or increase dose by at any one time to avoid shocking your system. I have looked at your previous results and find it a bit confusing to figure out the degree of change so I think this would be your safest approach. See how you feel after maybe 4 weeks at that level, then if you don't feel better either reduce again or test again to understand your response.


BTW - imho your previous results show that you do convert ok on levo only - ft4 19.8 (12-22), ft3 4.9 (2.1-6.98), or a ratio of 4.04 to 1.


Thank you!


What is the history with using the T3 ?

Were you on T4 and then added in the T3 ? If so what dose did you start on ?

Have you looked at taking the T4 and some T3 at 4am ?

I will explain more if you can give me some more info on the history



I was on t4 didn't feel well added T3 in 6.25mcg doses every 2 weeks. I take them both at 4-5am. Do you think I can decrease t3 by 12.50and only take 6.25 tomorrow?


Ok so you used 1/4 tablet once in 2 weeks ? Was there any difference the day you took it and maybe the next day ?

What i would be interested in is using the smallest T3 dose to see what effect this has. This will be 1/8th of a 25mcg tablet and so about 3mcg. I use a stanley blade to cut up the T3 in to these tiny pieces.

You see if i use 6.25 T3 per day i become unwell a little bit. It works against me. But a smaller dose works really well.

Dr Blanchard has written a book about how he treated thyroid patients. It is called functional thyroid treatment i think and is a simple book to read. His take on thyroid treatment seems to be very different to conventional treatment on the net. I think many people are using too much T3, but they don't know it.

I found out all this myself and when i read Dr Blanchards book it helped see the whole picture a little more.


Thank you. Do you think I can reduce t3 with 12.5 from tomorrow on?

No, I was taking 6.25mcg every day for 2 weeks. Then 12.5 every day for two weeks and so on.

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Ok so you started on 6.25 T3.

What happened when you started this amount. Did you notice any positive benefits ?


Yes, I did.


Can you give more info on how it helped or it didn't. Didyou feel more positive differences ? Please describe how the T3 has helped you and if it has stopped working.


It gave me more energy and I was able to exercise. Felt warmer and didn't need as much sleep. Now I'm very tired again and could sleep for ever. Any little exercise makes me drained for days.


Ok great. This is a good example of too much T3 having the opposite effect that it should be having. We seem to think we will go hyper if we consume too much T3, but many people actually close down and become hypo (this happens to me).

I may be wrong obviously and you actually need more T3, but if you go higher and feel worse then you should be trying out much smaller amounts of T3.

Dropping back on the T3 is not a problem if you are also taking T4.

So i would look at using a 1/8th size tablet = 3mcg tomorrow at 4am. See how you feel in the morning. Do you feel much worse or a little better. If you feel ok, hold on until 4pm and then try another 3mcg of T3.

You want to be looking at using the smallest dose of T3 which makes you work properly.

You may find you need 1-3 x 3mcg doses of T3 per day. The benefit of using a small dose is that you can multi dose more successfully. I don't know what level of T3 you will need for good health, but the way to find out is simple and can be quick if you use the very small doses. Ideally we would all be using just 1mcg of T3 to start with, but i don't think the tablets are made in this size.


How soon do you think I will notice if I feel well on that dose or not?


I feel T3 changes within 2-3 h's. I don't know when you will feel changes, but the only way to find out what works for you is to try different approaches.

Don't be frightened of feeling ill or tired. It is part of the process to getting the correct balance.

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