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trial dose of levo 50mg for 2 months now

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Still on trial dose of levo 50mg

Kindly advice should I continue trial dose which's 50 mg or should I increase! Here's the tests since I started hypo meds ( levo )

Doctor said I need to increase to 100, how to increase I don't have a clue should I take 100 mgs tomorrow or increase by 25 mg but for how long, however levo seems to be doing great dropping from 10.76 to 3.74 on 50 mg in two months since started taking meds, why would I increase! she didn't mention why, also she said she might decrease within few months!!!!!!


TSH 10.76 uIU/mL range ( 0.28 - 4.3 )

T3 1.27 ng/ml range ( 0.7 - 2.1 )

T4 8.89 mg/ml range ( 4.8 - 12.0 )


TSH 5.54 uIU/mL range (0.28 - 4.3 )

Latest lab tests which's done this morning :


TSH 3.74 uIU/mL range ( 0.28 - 4.3 )

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Sounds right.

The 'normal' long term daily dose should be 100mcg to 200mcg.

But we start on 50mcg and build up gradually by 25mcg at a time. This is usually after 2nd and 3rd tests which can be at 6 to 8 week intervals. Some doctors wait 2 months some only 4 weeks.

You should have gone up to 75mcg following 2nd test on 17/11/2018.

So I would go on to 75mcg now.

It's up to you if you want to wait till next test before going up to 100mcg. Today's test seems a bit soon after 17/11 - was there a reason for this?

Ignore the 'normal' range of TSH now because the target therapeutic level for people with Hypothyroidism diagnosis is much lower than max 'normal". My Endocrinologist says under TSH of 2 but on here I learn that under TSH of 1 is better.

So how are you feeling? Are you still having any symptoms?

We need to keep our TSH low in order to protect the Pituitary Gland from over working by producing too much TSH.

It's good that yours is coming down - but it needs to be lower still.

Is there a reason you are concerned about taking your increased dose? Do you feel fine as you are? Are you having any ill effects?


Did you ever have the following levels tested and are they ok:

Vitamin D


Folate and Ferritin?

Thank you ma'am for your feedback upon this, nope no further symptoms, no more throat swelling or swallowing tension, have a great healthy life since the 1st two weeks of levo, lols, yes you noticed that already both tests are pretty close about 2 weeks or so, re-tested because I skip the last appointment with doc :P yes, I'll increase starting tomorrow by 25 mgs, but for how long should I remain on 72mg n re-test!

Vitamin D

/ B12 / Folate and Ferritin, I can manage to have them privately tested next week :) wish me luck ma'am, for how long should I remain on 72mg of levo! thank you ma'am xx

I have been to doc couple of hours ago, said that 50mg pill fits me the most, considering dropping from 10.76 to 3. in two months on 50mg is a reliable achievement

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Suggest you increase by 25mcg for 3-6 weeks, before increasing again

The aim of Levothyroxine is to bring TSH down to around one and FT4 towards top of range and FT3 at least half way in range

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jamalka in reply to SlowDragon

Yes Sir, probably thanks for mentioning that, I'd love to increase slowly by 25mg for 3-6 weeks then re-test, my doctor with no disrespect to her knowledge, but it treats me like a puppy instead of giving me reasons n instructions :( hopeless

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jamalka in reply to SlowDragon

4th day on 75mg, I feel awful, dizziness n hyper, since the 2nd day of increasing the dose, I can't bear it, I'm switching back to 50mg within the next 4 hours, it's 3:00 am n I couldn't drift off yet, numb hands swelling joints which's something new to me,

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jamalka in reply to SlowDragon

Thanks for your advice Sir, it just did not fit mine in, however 50mg seems to work best for my body at least in the mean while, dead sure I'll have to increase later on, but it seems my thyroid is doing its job for 70% or else, thanks

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