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Advice on latest results


Hello, I hope you are having a lovely Sunday. I have just received my latest blood results and wanted to see if anyone had any thoughts. I am currently alternating levothyroxine doses - 125mcg one day, 150mcg the next and I only started adding T3 two weeks ago. Starting on 5mcg and now I have upped that to 10mcg. I realise I should have had these bloods done before starting the T3 but I was really poorly the first week and then had to play catch up with work the next week, so yesterday was the first time I had chance to get the tests done.

Free T4: 21.5pmol/L (normal range 12-22)

Free T3: 3.8pmol/L (normal range 3.1-6.8)

TSH: 0.2 (normal range 0.27-4.2)

Anti TPO AB: 561.0 (normal range 0-34) *An improvement though because for the last nine months I have only ever had the result of >600.

Thyroglobulin Antibody: 82.8 (normal range 0-115) *Also an improvement because they have always been out of range before.

These are the only tests I had done this time because my GP won't test me for anther year and I have to pay for them privately. I am thinking of lowering my levothyroxine to 125mcg daily as from tomorrow and I am going to continue to increase my T3 slowly. I would drop my Levo to 100mcg but last time I did that my TSH shot back up in to double figures, so thought I should be ultra careful. I have no real idea what exact doses of T4 and T3 I should be on or will eventually end up on, I am very much having to be my own doctor with the help of more experienced and extremely helpful folk on this amazing site.

I'm really hoping some day soon, I will have the energy to live a full and happy life. In the mean time, if anyone has any thoughts on my latest results, I will as ever be very grateful. Hopefully one day I will have the experience and confidence to advise others on this site. Very best wishes, SLC

PS Gluten and dairy free and taking all manner of vitamins and supplements!

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I would say don't increase T3 any further for 6 weeks minimum. Otherwise it's too much too soon

Yes possibly reduce T4, but only down to 125mcg daily. Not further.

For many of us it's extremely fine tuning.

Stick on same brand of T3 too (if possible)

SLC76 in reply to SlowDragon

Thank you. The doctor I was seeing privately but can't afford to see at the moment, said previously I could up my dose of T3 by 5mcg every week. To me my results look like I have no where near enough T3 to feel well, I thought you needed to be in the top quartile to feel well. Will maybe leave everything as is this week and see how I feel. Appreciate your comments.

greygoose in reply to SLC76

5 mcg every two weeks would be better. Go too fast and you can easily miss your sweet-spot. :)

SLC76 in reply to greygoose

Yes, I think you have told me this before! My brain does not work as fast at the mo! Thank you :)

greygoose in reply to SLC76

You're welcome. :) I know what you mean about the brain!

Not too certain as you added in T3 just before your last text but looks like it could be a conversion issue. When you are establishedof T3 then the results are read differently and only FT3 is accurate so you will have missed the opportunity to retest but convesion is helped by getting Vit D, B12,folate and ferritin optimal. They also help your thyroid to work better and can rid you of some symptoms so a win win solution.

SLC76 in reply to silverfox7

Hi Silverfox, thanks for your response. I too believe it is definitely a conversion issue. I am going to continue to increase T3 as my gut feeling is that it is going to help. I appreciate your advice and thoughts. Hope you are having a great start to the week.

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