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Lab results - comments please


I posted here a few weeks ago and now have my Blue Horizon results back. i would welcome comments

Test Result Range

CRP. 1.10 mg/L. <5.0

Ferritin. 132.7ug/L. 20-150

TSH. 0.14 IU/L 0.27-4.20

T4total. 119.3 nmol/L. 64.5-142.0

FT4. 18.63pmol/L 12.22

FT3. 4.05pmol/L. 3.1-6.8

Anti thyroidperoxidase abs. 22.8 kIU/L. <34

Anti thyroglobulin abs 18.0 kIU/L <115

VitD (25oh) 85nmol/L Def <25; Insuff 25-50; reduce dose >175

Vit?12 317 pmol/L Def <140; insuff140-250; reduce dose >750

Serum folate 35.50 nmol/L 10.4-42.4

I did the test as a fasting test and did not take my Levo beforehand.

They look unremarkable to me apart from the TSH which flagged up red. This is usual for me, my GP thinks I over medicate. I reduce my 150mcg dose to 125 a couple of times a week. I have tried every other day, but feel exhausted and low on it. I have begun a gluten and sugar free diet and anti-candida and gut repair regime. I have aching joints, lots of mucin? In my feet especially, shoulder arm and hand pain, lichen sclerosis, vertigo and hearing loss (though not recently).

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Well, you're not converting very well, are you. That's why you still have symptoms. TSH is irrelevant, it doesn't matter how low it goes. Your FT4 looks good, but it isn't converting, as I said, so it would have to be way over-range for you to have enough T3 to make you well.

It could be that you have nutritional deficiencies. So best to get your vit d, vit B12, folate and ferritin tested. B12 needs to be up the top of the range, and the others at least mid-range.

You could also try taking some selenium. But, these things are going to take time to work, so the best thing you could do is reduce your levo and add in some T3. I very much doubt that your GP would prescribe that, so you might have to buy your own. Write another post, asking people to PM you reliable sources on-line. :)


Thanks greygoose. I have posted the nutritional results there also - can you comment on those? I think my B12 looks lowish? Is my Vit D lowish too? My ferritin aeems high - i read somewhere this might indicate inflammation.


Oh yes, sorry! lol I was concentrating on the thyroid ones.

Vit D is fine, ferritin is high but not too high - have you been supplementing that, or taking anything that contains iron? Folate is good, but B12 is a bit low, could be higher. So, it doesn't really look like it's nutritional deficiencies that is affecting the conversion.

As I said, you could try taking selenium, but it would be a good idea to get hold of some T3 if you can. :)


Thanks! Im grateful for ypur insights. Could anyone pm me with a good source of T3 please? And perhaps advise how I should start dosing T3 and reducing Levo?


I think you'd be better off posting a new question for that. This one will be rather far down the list now, so less chance of people seeing it. :)


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