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Help with Results Please?

Hi everyone,

I've just got results back from the doctors and I'll give previous results as well. But I have literally all the symptoms and a family history for Graves and Hashimoto's and other autoimmune conditions. I also have (through all this testing) been diagnosed with celiacs. They want to look at fibro as an option but I'm pretty much convinced this is my thyroid. So I guess they're all saying results normal, but I don't feel normal and my aunt who is a doctor and has Hashi's believes I'm at the starting point with it as well... Anyways advice would be welcomed.

Thyroid Function

TSH 1.38 0.27 - 4.20 IU/L

T4 Total 135.4 64.5 - 142.0 nmol/L

Free T4 17.73 12 - 22 pmol/L

Free T3 5.06 3.1 - 6.8 pmol/L


Anti-Thyroidperoxidase abs 6.7 <34 kIU/L

Anti-Thyroglobulin Abs 16.7 <115 kU/L

Previous results two weeks ago:

TPOab: <33KU/L (range 0-34 normal)

dsDNA binding autoantibody level: 1.0iu/mL (<9.9 range)


Serum folate: 6ug/L (range 3.4-20.0) - note on this, I supplement every day with folic acid, so this is concerningly low considering

Serum VitaminB12: 248ng/L (range 246-911) - note on this, I supplement every day with this doctors are extremely worried how low it is considering this

Serum ferritin - 35 ug/L (range 30-200 ug/L) - note on this, I supplement every day doctor is concerned

Plasma viscosity: 1.8mPa.s HIGH flag (0.5-1.6mPa.s range) - tests for inflammation and is a generalized indicator of autoimmune response

MCHC: 328 g/L (range 320-360) - noted may indicate microcytic anemia, malabsorption of B6, and is an indicator of gluten intolerance and celiacs disease

MCV: 88 (80-100 range) doctor made note that I should be closer to 100 with the supplementation I do and flagged this

Red Blood Cell Count: 4.9 HIGH flag (range 3.9-4.8) - may indicate autoimmune response within body

Haemoglobin estimation: 142 g/L (range 136-177) can indicate anemia, vitamin deficiencies and other issues

Rheumatoid factor: NEGATIVE

Serum C Reactive Protein Level: 18.6 mg/L HIGH flag (range 0-10) used to test for autoimmune conditions, lupus and arthritis

Cholesterol/HDL ratio: 2.3 (Desireable/Ideal range)

Serum sodium: 142 mmol/L (135-145 range)

Serum TSH level: 1.39 (.5-3.0 range)

Plasma parathyroid hormone level: 3.9 pmol/L (1.2-5.8 range)

Vitamin D: 11 ng/mL LOW flag (range 35-50 ng/mL) - Severely deficient despite supplementing daily

There were a lot more tests, which I will summarise quickly:

Diabetes - no

Liver function - perfect

Kidney function - perfect

Galbladder - perfect

No signs of malignant cancer

platlets were fine

Heart - Fine

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Hi CandadianJen

To be honest i didnt think your thyroid results looked too bad, but your nutrient levels were pretty awful if you dont mind me saying in a number of areas, this might (in my non medically trained personal opinion) have something to do with coeliacs or another yet to be diagnosed autoimmune condition or even some form of anaemia. I have low nutrients of VitD, Ferritin, Folate, B12 and some symptoms overlap with those of hypothyroidism but i am hypothyroid, i have yet to establish if i am coealic, but based upon the blood test i had i am not coeliac but i dont eat a lot of wheat. Is your GP investigating any further your low nutrients and what are you taking to improve levels? Also...i have a diagnosis of fibromyalgia too.


You clearly have problems using your supplements, though you may be taking inadequate doses. This may be a gut/absorption problem. Have you been tested for coeliac? Have you any reason to believe that your gut is compromised (any other illness, surgery etc that may have affected absorption)?

With this level of vit d you will need a loading dose. Have a look at guidance here:

I would switch from folic acid to folate. Are you on good doses of b12, like 3000-5000 per day? And how much iron are you taking?

I don't see any reason to suspect your thyroid in this. I mean, others here may disagree but I don't see it. For someone who has no dx this is all very normal. Doesn't mean it won't happen. Some people seem to get symptoms far in advance of blood results showing anything.


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