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Help with results please :

Hi all

I have a range of results come back as normal . How do they look to you?

Vit D -79nmol/L ( 50-100)

B12 78.7 pmol/L (25.10-165.00)

Folate 17.19 ug/L (3.89-26.80)

Ferritin 52.92 ugL (13.00 -150.00)

Progesterone 30.8

>30 indicates ovulation

<5 indicates no ovukation

Thank you kindly . I'm trying to get levels as good as possible for conceiving . ( progesterone I know is in lower range and will do acupuncture and use diet (plus taking zinc magnesium , selenium , vit c which I know to be deficient in)

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There is something strange about two of your ranges on your blood test results.

1. Was your vitamin D test the 25(OH)D or the 1,25(OH)₂D test? The reason for this question is your range is strange. The range for the 25(OH)D test - which is the one you want to check - in the UK is normally 50 or 70 to be adequate. With a value over 225 indicating increased risk of toxicity. Here we state you should aim to be around 100 with a maximum of 150. So if it was the 25(OH)D test and you aren't supplementing with vitamin D3 you should do.

2. The vitamin B12 range is also strange. Normally there are two or three values with the lowest two indicating problems. The top of the adequate range is something like 633 or higher. You should supplement to be at the top of the range.

The folate and ferritin test ranges look normal.

Your folate level is fine as it is over halfway in the range.

You ferritin level should be halfway through the range to be optimal e.g. 75 so you should supplement with something like solgar gentle iron and take a vitamin C tablet at the same time.


Hello Bluebug

Thanks for reply . It was the OH25 vit D test .

B12 was an 'active B12' which might account for the strangeness ??


Sorry I can't remember the figures for active B12. Do you have any of the recognised symptoms for pernious anaemia?


No I'm feeling really well - no symptoms .


Then your level is fine.


Bluebug - I'm just starting a supplement programme which contains small amounts of vit d and iron as well as vit c - wonder if that would do the job?


Possibly not it depends how much of each they contain.

To get your vitamin D level near 100 you would need to take 2,000IU a day and then stop in April. That's because in April the sun should be close enough to the earth in the North Hemisphere so you don't need to supplement.

To get your iron levels up you need to take more than the recommended daily amount for women of iron. The recommended amount is approximately 15mg. Most over the counter supplements have 14-15mg in them.


Ah - Thank you Bluebug.

I was just looking at foods to help increase vit d and iron as well.

I have a 2 week holiday in Tenerife in May which will certainly help the vit D!


I just looked at the values on my supplements and I'm currently taking 2,400 Iu vit d and this will be increased by another 800iu in a week.

Iron wise I'm taking 14mg to be increased to 21mg in about a week.

I also have the vit c which will help with the absorption.

Thank you for sharing your knowledge .

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That's amounts per day .


Oh no that's not actually right what I said as the amounts are per 3 capsules - anyway I'll work it out .

Thanks ..


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