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Magnesium, Zinc and Selenium


Just trying to figure out which tablet to take, and when. I'm having trouble sleeping (anxiety or Hyper swing - not sure).

Do you have to be low in the above minerals or can you just take as a supplement?

My plan is (so far):

Before breakfast - Levo

breakfast - B12 (under tongue) and Vit B complex

*question - does it matter that your Vit B complex has some B12 in it?

Lunch - Iron tablets (therefore not on an empty stomach??) with Vit C 1000mg.

*question - I have sourced just Ferritin tablets. My ferritin is low (40). Anyone use these rather than Ferrous Fumerate?

After dinner - take the x3 mineral supplements - especially Magnesium to aid sleep.

I saw some people took Magnesium (natural calm) as a drink. Is this okay to take with everything else?

If I haven't been tested for Magnesium - can I still take this drink? i.e. is it just a maintenance dose?

Also have to factor in Folate - when should I take that?

thanks again... just trying to work this all out - which I'm not finding the easiest.

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Magnesium can be a relaxant so probably best taken at night.

Take Levothyroxine an hour before breakfast.

Take folate with the B vits and it doesn't matter that B Complex contains a little B12.

Check whether your iron tablet should be taken with or away from food. Take iron 4 hours away from Levothyroxine.


thanks for your clear reply.


Actually one more question - I have ordered just Ferritin tablets. Are these okay, or better to stick with Ferrous Fumerate? My Ferritin level is 40.



I don't know enough about the different types of iron supplements to advise.


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