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Best Selenium and Magnesium supplements to buy

I want to try adding some selenium and magnesium to see if I can improve my health, underactive thyroid, and ME plus B12 injections. Having spent some time today trawling the internet and have become more confused as to which I should buy.

The comment about some selenium providers is that is smells. Has anyone any experience of this and can recommend on that doesn't smell at lot. Comments on amazon say it can so bad they throw the tablets away. I don't really want to waste my money.

I am also thinking about magnesium. I know have seen a link that explains the different type of magnesium but I can't see to find it. My brain just doesn't want to work well at the moment. Can anyone help please.


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Selenomethionine is the most bioavalable form of selenium. I haven't noticed that it smells.

Selenium daily allowance recommendations


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Thanks for the magnesium links. Which selenium do you buy that doesn't smell


Hello Carer

Re Selenium

I can recommend Cytoplan selenium tablets -they are 100 mg small easy to swallow and there is no smell with them .I bought them direct from Cytoplan 60 tablets in the pot cost £15.85 inc postage, They are in the food state and are listed on Thyroid UK as a recommended supplier.


I had a very smelly selenium the first time I bought it, can't remember the brand. Then I tried Doctor's Best which wasn't as bad but still some smell.I now use Cytoplan selenium which is a food state yeast bound selenium which has as good bioavailability as selenium L-selenomethionine cytoplan.co.uk/selenium It is a very small tablet with no odour. Stay away from selenite and selenate as they are inorganic and not so bioavailable.

Different forms of magnesium naturalnews.com/046401_magn...


SeasideSusie Thanks. I saw Cytoplan selenium in my search but noticed it was quite expensive nearly £13.90 for 60 tablets and was 100 mcg per tablet. I had read that you should take 200mcg per day.


It's frequently 3 for 2, as it is this month, which is when I stock up. Bought at that price it's £27.80 for 180 tablets = 15p per tablet, or 30p a day if you want to take 200mcg. It's a good quality food state supplement, made in the UK with minimal ingredients, no long list of unnecessary fillers. And it doesn't smell.

Compare with other decent brands, I've not used so don't know if they smell (I'm only comparing with good brands)

Biocare 100mcg - 120 capsules - £12.55 = 12.5p per capsule or 25p per day for two, bulking agents and anti-caking agents included amazon.co.uk/BioCare-BC-181...

Nutri Advanced 200mcg - 60 capsules - £11.50 = 19p per capsule amazon.co.uk/Selenium-200mc...

Pure Encapsulations 200mcg - 60 capsules - £23.90 = 39p per capsule amazon.co.uk/Pure-Encapsula...


I prefer vitamin E with selenium by Solgar

Doesn't smell and apparently selenium works best with vitamin E

Magnesium, cheap and easy to use is Calm vitality magnesium powder


Dr Myhill also sells a liquid selenium on her website which is very easy to take in water or juice and is what I’ve been using to raise my levels. Sorry I don’t remember how much it costs. Good luck to you with whichever formulation you end up with

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I’ve used Drs Best Chelated Magnesium for a long time now. Its really helpful with the digestive problems I’ve had. Started by taking two a day but now really only seem to need one in the morning. Selenium i use is from Healthhspan, their oroducts a always pretty good quality, I’ve also had Omega 3 and zinc from them too without any problems. Good luck - mind boggling isn’t it!


For Magnesium, get Magnesium citrate. It is more bioavailable then Magnesium chlorid (good for depression as well) or Magnesium sulfat.


You can drink a glass of water with a tablespoon full. You would get diarhea, 2 hours later, but just for an hour an not bad. . Good detox as well.


Thanks SeasideSusie and everyone else. I have ordered Selenium from Cytoplan.

Following the links for magnesium I see I need not only to avoid the worst forms of magnesium but also avoid Magnesium citrate as I have a tendancy to loose bowel movements and don't want to make that worse. so I will be doing some more looking around for the best place to buy.

Bobbiesgirl54 - do you know what form of magnesium is in Drs Best Chelated Magnesium


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