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I am new on here and would be grateful from any help and advice.

I have just received the Doctors list from Thyroid UK. How can I decide?

I have made one costly mistake and I would like to avoid another.

Blood tests taken March 2016

TSH 2.87

T3 4.64

T4 13.01

Thyroid antibodies + 244

Anti TPO +144

IGA -0.40

I have been taking vitamins D, B12, zinc.

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Sueliss If you choose a doctor (or more than 1) from the list that you can get to, ask on the forum for feedback by private message. That way anyone who has experience of them will hopefully let you know of their experience, good or bad.

If you want comments on your test results, can you put the reference ranges in, otherwise it will be guesswork which isn't much help.

The only thing that is very obvious is that you have autoimmune thyroid disease aka Hashimoto's. To help reduce the antibody attacks you should adopt a strict gluten free diet. Gluten contains gliadin which is a protein which triggers the attacks. Many members have found being gluten free helps enormously, some also need to be dairy free. Supplementing with selenium also helps reduce the attacks.

Did you get your Vit D, B12 and zinc tested? What were the results and what dose of supplements are you taking, and are you also taking the co-factors with each of them?

Did you get ferritin and folate tested too?


Thank you Seaside Susie.


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