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Hi, I wondered if someone can help. I joined thyroid uk and am waiting to hear back re a list of docs in London but have not heard back as yet. Does anyone know of doctors in or near London that prescribe NDT, I have all symptoms of under active thyroid, th is 5.05 etc (has to be 5.5 to be hypo apparently). If anyone could pm me it would be much appreciated 😊

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  • If you send an email (not a private message) to

    and ask for the list to be sent to you, you should receive it fairly quickly. Note that Louise doesn't work at weekends but you should get a reply early in the week. The list is sent as an attachment to your email address.

  • HB, I think Louise's email has changed to since she got hitched recently :)

  • Thanks for letting me know. I always look for Louise's email address on her profile because I can never remember it. Time the text was updated! :)

  • Doh! She changed her pics but not her text!

  • Hi Kim, if you get a list of doctors that prescribe NDT in London could you pass onto me too. I am also looking for the same thing.

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