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Can anyone please let me know if they have had a private prescription from Dr. Skinner. My daughter saw him 2 weeks ago and he wrote to her G.P. asking her to prescribe levothyroxine. He told my daughter that if the G.P. refused, which she did, (she says she is in the NHS range at TSH 3.9) but Dr. Skinner said she is hypo as she has all the classic symptoms, plus low pulse and freezing cold hands. He gave her a form to fill in to send to him for a private prescription if the G.P. would not prescribe, she sent the form and has now received a A4 piece of paper with the instructions of the dosage and when to increase dosage with his name and signed. She is rather confused as this is not what she thought a private prescription should be, can anyone throw any light on this please.

Many thanks browny

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  • I cannot tell from your description, but private prescriptions are not on green forms like NHS ones.

    For speed and simplicity, I suggest you ask at a pharmacy tomorrow. :-)


  • Hi Rod, the dosage and instruction were typed on a plain piece of A4 paper signed by Dr. Skinner, it was not a prescription of any colour


  • No - I am sorry, I didn't mean it would be anything more than a piece of paper with the required information on it. It doesn't have to be a form at all. I do not know the strict rules of what needs to be there but a doctor can simply write in a piece of ordinary paper and that does happen.

    All that matters is that a pharmacy will accept it.

  • Hand it in to the pharmacy anyway. It might be quite acceptable. See how it goes.

  • Thanks Shaws, I will tell her and if pharmacy do not accept it she will ring Dr. S secretary on Monday

  • It maybe "normal" but high end of normal. Definitely hand it in and see what happens! Good luck

  • Hi Browny

    Dr Skinner's private prescriptions are more like a standard letter form. I have found no problem presenting them at any general pharmacy. I assume the prescription shows his full details and address, details of medication and dosage, Dr Skinner's signature and on mine it has printed that the medication is for hypothyroidism. As long as you present the original with Dr Skinner's signature you should have not problem at all.


  • Browny, what you describe is what I get. I ring Springfield Pharmacy (from the TUK list), to give my card details, then post them the prescription sheet and it comes in a couple of days. That's for Armour though, so worth trying Boots tomorrow for the Levothyroxine, they will probably do it.

  • I presume it was on headed notepaper as per usual for prescriptions from Dr. Skinner.

  • Private prescriptions are just like notes on pieces of paper so you should be fine taking it to a pharmacy. Best of luck.

  • I've had many prescriptions from Dr S. they are in a white piece of paper, typed, with Dr S letter head. All pharmacists accept. Downer is although exempt we still have to pay for private prescription.

  • Thanks everyone for your replies, my daughter took it to our local pharmacy today and they accepted it no problem, so she is very relived

    Many thanks again and best wishes

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