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I've already seen one private doctor in the latter part of 2015 and got sucked into blood test, urine test, saliva test and zillions of supplements and had to stop in the end as I didn't really feel any different. I'm now toying with the idea of trying again and have looked at details from the Thyroid UK list of doctors and thinking of seeing Oliver Barnett. I contacted him and he did call me last Friday, had a brief chat on the phone and he sounds reasonably credible. But I don't think he's actually a doctor, though says he can prescribe NDT or T3. I have an appointment booked in London 9th June which will be £250.00. This is more expensive than the previous doctor I saw, so still mulling over whether to keep the appt or cancel it. As long as I cancel 72 hours before, I won't be charged. Any thoughts welcome. :-)

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  • To check someone is on the GMC register go here then click on the "List of Registered Medical Practitioners"

  • Hi, I don't know him. He wouldn't be a doctor if he is prescribing NDT as that is frowned upon in the medical world. He could lose his license to practice.

    I have just seen high level functional medicine man dr Rangan Chatterjee (on tv doctor in the house). I flew up to Manchester to see him. Consultation wasn't cheap but I feel really well worth it. It was either him or flying to USA to see Dr Mark Hyman. Look them both up. Very interesting.

    Functional medicine is the way forward!


  • I've looked up Dr Chatterjee and he does look rather more credible than OB mentioned previously. And I can see that you must live a distance from Manchester which I do also. (Around 3 hours drive) I can't see fees on his website, would you be able to message me with an idea of his costs just so that I would have an idea before I consider an appointment?

  • Dalmation2,

    Only doctors can prescribe NDT and other thyroid meds. NDT is not licensed for UK use but UK doctors do prescribe it and don't lose their license purely for prescribing NDT.

  • My private appt is also in London on 9 June and costs about the same (not with same person). If you can afford it, go for it, but check if there will be additional costs for blood tests. I think he's a functional medicine doctor and a nutritionist, not a GP, but I don't think the NHS does functional medicine (although mine is registered with the GMC)

  • Thats quite a coincidence about the date of appointment! Perhaps we could meet up afterwards and compare notes :-) Though I'm still not sure I'm going to go ahead with this appointment. I did have private appointments with another doctor in North London end of last year and spent a huge amount of money on tests, consults & supplements and really didn't feel any better.

  • Hello! I'm getting through the Izabella Wentz book (Root Cause) and doing the easy stuff like eliminating gluten and soy and measuring antibodies (which so far I've managed to slip into other blood tests), and they are coming down, but still not done. I'm debating signing up with the London Clinic of Nutrition after seeing the article Oliver Barnett wrote in the Thyroid UK magazine which was about parasites (which were getting high on my list of things to test for).

    I wondered if any of you could tell me how you are getting on with the Clinic, after your appointments? I'm trying to justify the cost of it all (rather than the process of doing it myself) and wondering whether he follows the Root Cause protocol (it sounded like it from the article).

    Thanks so much for all your amazing advice! I read these forums every morning and it's so reassuring. It's fantastic to find such a supportive and positive community.

  • Hi. I didn't go to see Oliver Barnett in the end. I can't quite remember why, just didn't feel totally convinced that he was the right person for me. So did some more research, then a kind lady on here recommended someone else to me who she had seen and got on well with, so I decided I had to get off the fence. I made an appointment with Professor Gerard Conway in London and went last Thursday 1st September. He's head of medicine at the University College Hospital in London but also practices privately at The Claremont Clinic in New Cavendish Street, which is just off Harley Street. I live in Bedfordshire so train to Kings Cross is roughly half hour. He does Thursday evening appointments so that was much more convenient to fit in with working hours.

    I went with my husband as I don't always remember everything thats said. The Professor was delightful. Very polite and professional. I'd actually sent him a kind of health 'CV' before I went along with blood test results done over recent months and he said it was all very useful (and saved time). I had a half hour appointment which ran into 40 minutes as I was the last patient that evening and I had two blood tests before I left. First consultation is £280.00 for 30 minutes and blood tests brought the total bill to £427.00. So not cheap but I felt I was sitting in front of someone who will give me good advice. He came up with two treatment plans, one being the possibility of trying NDT which he will prescribe and another more related to female hormone, which I was most surprised by, given that I'm 61. But I'm trying to have faith in the advice given. I can try one or the other or both together, but obviously if you do both together, it would be difficult to assess which one is giving the most benefit. He also recommended a supplement, again more related to female hormone.

  • After leaving the other message just now, I forgot to mention that I do also have Coeliac Disease, was diagnosed as a child, so I have been on a gluten free diet over 40 years, but my last blood test did show some TP antibodies.

  • thank you! that's super helpful. very pleased you've found someone! and good luck!

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