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Private doc visit went well

yesterday I travelled to the Biolab medical centre in London and saw Dr.B W and I have to say that having someone sit there and listen to my story over the years and agree with my feelings was a huge relief. I explained how I feel from waking up in the morning and the daily challenge we all face and the symptoms we suffer / live with which he agreed were all linked to my thyroid and hashimotos , he explained in understandable detail what things were and planned more tests if I wanted to go with my bloods I had done by blue horizon which he did point out he uses blood results as part of the picture but listens to the patient as Within Range is quite a large open space . He likes to see vitamin and mineral levels in the blood to make sure they are where he believes they should be and the effect of their deficiency on us and the link of adrenals , low male hormones which he feels I have a problem with which I am having tests for via bloods and adrenals via saliva .

Also have tests for my gut which we all know has a massive impact on auto immune and starting a new diet which is paleo and will be a challenge as foods we discussed I eat still have an effect on me even though gluten free I have to be dairy , refined sugar , soy and others on the paleo list I will stick to as a friend of mine is a nutritionalist and agrees with the plan and reason as some items are for 30days other longer and some for life which is fine if I can get mine back.

On meds I'm starting NDT in the next 2 weeks which I'm happy to do as my dose of Levo and t3 as he explained just doesn't add up of 175mcg Levo and t3 is 5mcg but that's a long story as I struggled to get that from my ex GP .

Supplements daily

Vit d 5000iu

B complex

Methyl b12 5000mcg

Zinc 50g

Selenium 200mcg

Iodine synergy 1 daily

Listened to so much info and I've always felt there was an adrenal problem and I'm sure it will be identified and he told me our adrenals needs to be right as they work with th thyroid like dance partners and mine are not from what I explained ,he feels my treatment from day 1 has probably not been right and as a man under 50 my case is a rare one but at least acknowledged.

Once my tests have been done I see him again either in person or via Skype for a reduced fee ,he will answer emails for free within reason of quantity and size as he told me he has 4 page ones sometimes which is no alternative to an appointment (fair comment)

I have to be honest the consultation for £175 was worth it then tests after are quoted one the day which is a very transparent way to do things.

I hope this helps as we work together to help each other ,one thing which helps is his wife has hashimotos and he once had severe adrenal fatigue so a truly sympathetic ear.

Thanks for reading


Paul Jones, 3 minutes ago Report#1Reply

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I am glad you had such a sympathetic doctor who, most importantly, listened to you about your symptoms.

It was worth the fee and I'm sure you will feel much better in a relatively short time.


Hi Paul1108,

I'm delighted that you had such a postive experience with Dr B W.

You can give Louise in TUK a few more details about your consultation. That Doc will be kept on file and other members could benefit from your recommendation.

J 🍀

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I certainly will ,just had a call from the pharmacy and my new meds will be here by sat

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Super P,

Good Health,

J 🍀

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