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Visit to private endo


Hi everyone,

Went to see endo today with sheets and sheets of previous blood results. Most of them of no use as endo said all bloods need to be taken at the same time between 8 and 9am after fasting. Sometimes its impossible to get GP to do all the tests at once and they often leave out T3.

Previous endo said i was borderline endo today confirmed what i already knew that i was not borderline.

He also acknowledged that Hashimots does cause many many problems to every part of the body.

I was also given a physical examination which iv not had before.

So yes good appointment really.

Next step is to get my bloods done.


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Good feeling to come away from consultation feeling listened to and being in agreement with them :)

Makes a change for me, usually im in floods of tears and vowing never to go to an appointment again.

aw that's why its good, its so unusual lol

Wow an actual examination! That's unusual. Let's hope they follow through when the bloods are done

To get your blood done early it may be best to ask your GP for an instruction to take to the hospital phlebotomy dept.The one in Hudds. opens at 7.30 ..but there is always a queue!

Im going to ring Gp today to see if she will let me have bloods done. I did not realise how much bloods cost at the private hospital.

Dr.B gave me a list and said would be costly if privately done see if GP was happy to to request.As GP recommended Dr .B .it was not a problem.

I rang GP today and they have agreed to do them. They are faxing through bloods to be done.

Wish id done this along time ago.

Make sure you get a 8-9 slot .

Booked for 8.50

My bloods have never been done fasting before or all at the same time.

I just hope the lb does T3 as they sometimes leave it out.

Yorkshiregirl Did you get the Endo't name from Louise Warville at TUK? If not, it sounds as though he should be on the recommended list she maintains.

Contacted Lousie and hes on the list. Initially i got his name from members on here.

wano in reply to yorkshiregirl44

Hi YSG44,

I too have the TUK list, but cannot afford the initial session payment. Did you find the cost to be significant? Would love if you could private message me the endo you went with.

Hi yorkshiregirl44, please could you pm me the consultant name as I'm in Yorkshire too :)


I'm glad you have had a good consultation, it encourages the patient that he/she's being listened too.

Good luck.

He said "im nothing special but i listen to what patients want"

shawsAdministrator in reply to yorkshiregirl44

That response from him shows that he is 'Special' - very special!

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