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That went well - Not!!

I went off to the doctor this morning having learnt loads of things on here over the last couple of months I never knew before (very grateful to all). I had had all the tests privately done as I couldn't get them through the local GP. Really confident as I thought I would come across as knowing what I was talking about and hoped I would get on okay. Surely its not hard to read results and crack on prescribing?

I was armed with my Blue Horizon tests results for all my thyroid results, B12, ferritin, folate and Vit D. As all of the those results are on the low side, I went with the intention of not leaving until I could get five things accomplished. Firstly a raise of Levo to lower TSH, B12 shots, Vit D prescription and a test for calcium and a test for adrenal function.

Well I calmly went through all the results in details and explained where the range should be in a healthy fifty year old and pointed out all of them are very low in the range, to get the reply well they are all in range except the Vit D. Not looking good but I carried on.

It was a young new woman (girl) and I knew I was definetely on to a l loser when she asked to feel my neck to check the thyroid and started to press around under my jaw line. She said my thyroid was fine - yes I know I should have said that that was the wrong place, but to be honest I was gobsmacked.

At the point she then stood up and said "I'm a trainee doctor, I will repeat what you have told me to my mentor doctor and come back to let you know what he advises.

To cut a long story short she came back 10 minutes later and said that I would have to have full blood tests done by them as they couldn't trust or treat on lab results that weren't theirs.

.......and no I didn't come out with one thing I was after and will now have to wait a couple of weeks for the new results.

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That is appalling! They don't trust the lab? That is ridiculous! I hope they are repeating ALL the tests the lab has done at their own expense.

I hope you get better luck with the next tests!

Carolyn x


I would be so tempted, upon returning and seeing same doctor, to enquire why you should trust THEIR lab results. Which you are usually expected to do so blindly.



I agree I should but don't have the nerve to. I will be refusing to see the same girl as I shall ask to see her mentor and speak to the organ grinder when the new results come back.


Hello Tracy I have almost mirrored your experience had NHS test TSH T4 and free T4 was done and results borderline,no treatment. I then also had private tests done with full screening from Blue horizon,which I believe is somewhere in Hertfordshire?.I am in Kent so relatively close to the testing blue horizon labs.My doc looked surprised and asked where they were done,although clearly printed on the forms, I said Blue. Horizon labs which I am told is a gp recognised lab and used by NHS.To this he said,yes that's true they are.HE ACCEPTED THE RESULT BUT STILL I had to do another NHS one before he prescribed,which he did cos that result was slightly higher still.But this could be because its the same lab that Kent GPS use? Maybe where you are they just use a more local lab to your location and will only go by that lab reading? Idont know but hope your get similar outcome and get treated if you need it. Good luck


My GP nor the endo would take on the private tests that I had done.

Even though my levels are high and low, as I am still 'within range; they have refused treatment and a second opinion!!!

Hope the new set of bloods have the same levels (or worse xx)

Good luck hun

Ann xxx


Bummer, I do feel for you. I'm not holding my breath either tho.



Excuse my French, but that's bloody appalling! :( x


eek your Thyroid is under you jawline? Guess she missed the Thyroid lecture at med school like so many others!

What a waste of funds (& more importantly your money too). But hope they will take note of their own tests! My Vit D test was private but NHS lab - gp took notice but did nothing except said go to Boots.

Now I did notice that on the NHS site, Thyroid where HU support is in a green box on the right, there is also a link to lab tests on-line - funny that.


J :D


so gonna print that lot off for my doc xx


Be funny to go back and see her and have written on your thoat. thyroid here not there.

I would insist to see the organ grinder to call in the monkey so it could be taught where to feel for your thyroid.


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