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Hi, l would appreciate help with blood results

Hi I've not posted on here before but read your posts most days and find them both informative and inspirational.

I've had debilitating symptoms for over 9 years and have seen various consultants. Symptoms include high blood pressure high cholesterol, "sleep scratching" arms, legs, neck & face, pulsatile tinnitus in right ear, hardly any voice, total loss of eyebrows, nerve pain in feet, breathlessness, hot flashes, palpitations,insomnia, total fatigue, night cramps, brain fog and 42lb weight gain in the last 2 years with no diet change.

I have my last lab results. Perhaps you would be good enough to have a look and comment.

TSH 2.25 (0.35-5.5)

FT4 11.9 (10.0-19.8)

FT3 4.9 (3.5-5.5)

B12 355 (191-663)

Folate 7.0 (4.6-18.7)

Ferritin 74.4 (13-150) am told this is optimal?

Iron 12 (6.0-34.5)

Since these were taken (May 16) l've supplemented with Jarrows B12, menthylfolate and b complex and am now able to sleep right through without ripping the skin off my body. The B12 is causing acne though so am taking 30mg of zinc to try and help.

Am also trying Holland and Barrett Iron supp and taking extra vitamin C. Seems to help with the energy levels in fits and starts.

Endo won't diagnose on symptoms so am thinking of self medicating as l've been tested for most things and nothing's come back positive.

Many thanks for reading

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What thyroid medication are you on and the dose? Do you have a vitamin D result?

Your B12 is too low. It should be at or over the top of the range. Supplement with methylcobalamin lozenges either Jarrows or Solgar which you can get from Amazon.

Your folate is too low you want to be halfway through the range or higher. Get methylfolate supplements again either Jarrows or Solgar. Once you have finished those you take a good vitamin B complex to keep your levels up.


Thanks bluebug l forgot to include vitamin D it was 96.7 nmol/L marked as optimal l do supplement D3. I haven't been diagnosed so am not on any thyroid medication.

Am already supplementing with both B12 and folate both are menthyl already seen a little improvement in energy levels but have a long way to go can't walk upstairs atm without stopping for breath.


There is a pernicious anaemia group on health unlocked it would be worth joining them and asking for their advice on vitamin B12. Simply because if your supplementing and your serum levels are still low you may need more help.


Thank you, l am following that group but haven't posted on there as antibodies blood tests all came back negative and Endo did a B12 serum check after l'd started supplements and serum B12 was >2000


Your vitamin D level is fine. Just ensure it doesn't go any lower.

Do you have a recent haemoglobin blood test result? It is possible to have a decent ferritin level but low haemoglobin for a few reasons so if you have that result post it. Also post a C reactive protein (CRP) result if you have one.

Your serum B12 level may be different from the level active in your cells, so it's worth posting on that group even if you haven't got PA. Unfortunately B12 deficiency is not recognised by most doctors in the UK.


My Haemoglobin 130 (120-150) and CRP 3.90 (less than 5.00) and thank you, yes l will post on the PA site. I have always hoped that l might be diagnosed on symptoms or at least given a levo trial to see if symptoms improve. Instead they have been trying to treat each symptom as it arises making me feel like a hypochondriac and spending most of my free time in the surgery. I feel now that l should give self medication a go...l need to get my life back. Rant over!!! Many thanks


Unfortunately that's how doctors are trained and paid to deal with people.

The preventative medicine schemes are public health initiatives which in England are now run by local councils. This means they aren't personalised.

Also unless your TSH or T4 are out of range doctors will not give you a trial of levo as this goes against NICE guidelines and they can be reprimanded or struck of by the GMC.

You can get thyroid support supplements that contain bovine or pig thyroid hormones. You have to buy them online. Personally until you are sure you don't have any B12 issues I wouldn't take them.

You do have inflammation or have a chronic infection as your CRP isn't under 1 but your haemoglobin is well within range. This means it's unclear whether your ferritin level is raised due to inflammation/infection or your iron stores are actually fine. I personally try to keep my ferritin around 100 as when it goes below 60 I start getting breathless. Other people are fine with lower levels.

Also the iron supplements like all own branded supplements in Holland and Barrett are junk. They also don't contain enough iron to treat anyone with deficiency or needs to raise their levels. I would get something like Solgar gentle iron (you can buy it on Amazon) and take one of those per day.

The only other thing you can do is change your diet to cut out or heavily cut down on refined carbs e.g. breakfast cereals, bread, pasta, cakes, biscuits, stuff coated with bread crumbs, crisps. Also stay away from low fat foods so have full fat milk instead of skimmed and butter instead of low fat spread etc. Mainly because research on gut bacteria indicates refined carbs are causing people lots of health problems which cease or decrease when they cut them out or heavily cut down on them. Foods that are low in fat tend to have the fat content replaced with sugar and other horrid fillers.

Also don't worry about your cholesterol numbers unless they are 10+. Cholesterol levels are actually regulated by your body and what you eat has very little impact on it. They are also not linked to heart disease. However high blood pressure especially if you are getting headaches and/or very thirsty is something to be concerned about.


Thank you for the information, l will get some Solar and ditch the H&B. Diet is pretty good, have very little refined carbs bar the occasional cake and no low fat products. Have been taking garlic to deal with blood pressure although I still take prescribed amlodipine as well. BP good at present. Had a water deprivation test last month as l do get thirsty but results were good. Will give the Solar a go...how long do you think like should take it for please as l assume it's more potent than what l have. Kind regards


With most vitamins and minerals taken to maintain levels you need to take them for life.

However within that the doseage will vary depending on your blood test results.

For ferritin and haemoglobin get retested in 3 months, then modify the dose up or down depending on the result.


Many thanks Bluebug


I read that if you are supplementing with B vitamins you should take a good B complex because all the B vitamins work together. I take a separate sublingual methylcobalamin and methylfolate. I've also just bought magnesium citrate to take as previously had a magnesium that wasn't so absorbable. I also take 1000mg of vit C and some zinc. They have all helped a great deal. I got my vitamin D tested recently because I believe it's not good to get too much. The test is easy and the information for the lab is on Thyroid UK website. I've found I've had to take all the vitamins and minerals to start making a difference. Seems like they all work together.

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I take magnesium each day and know it's working as if l forget l get painful night cramps in my feet.

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