Help with blood results please! 32 years old trying to conceive

Diagnosed jan 2013. On Levo 75mcg daily since April 2013. November 2013 results:

TSH 5.16 (0.3-5.5)

fT4 18.7 (10-20)

January 2014:

TSH 5.17 (0.3-5.5)

fT4 19.2 (10-20)

In 2009 at the beginning of my symptoms my TSH was 3.3 - I found this out by requesting my notes.

Doc won't increase my Levo as T4 too high but as I'm trying to conceive I thought my TSH was too high? Is this right?

Could it be I'm not converting to T3 efficiently?? I've not had any vit b or iron tests done - should I request them?!

I just don't feel like I'm at optimum health for conceiving but doc says my results are 'perfect'.

Any help/suggestions would be amazing.


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  • Yes your TSH is to high and yes you should be requesting VitD, B12, Ferritin, Iron and Folates to tested.

    I did a bit of research on here the other day and found that a TSH of 2 is ideal when trying for a baby. If I can find the piece again I will share it with you.

    It's a shame your GP did not do a FT3 test for you as you would have a clearer picture as to what is going on if this had been tested and as for his remark of "perfect" words fail me.

    Moggie x

  • Try having a read of this.

    Moggie x

  • Thank you so much for taking the time to respond - i will try and see another doctor and request the bloods you suggested. Also reading that article my tsh does look way to high. I guess with a high ish T4 I'll be unlikely to persuade my doc to increase Levo yet.

    Thank you again

  • But if you are low in any of the vitamins I mentioned this will be having a negative impact on how your thyroid meds are working. I had very low iron levels and since they have been corrected I have had to DROP my thyroid medication twice as I kept going over medicated. So your TSH could come down without more thyroid medication if you are found to have low vitamins and then get these corrected.

    Moggie x

  • ...the higher the TSH - the more the thyroid is struggling/working to produce T4. Optimal levels of T4 and T3 are required for a healthy foetus. If the Mum is low in thyroid hormones - the foetus will detect this and produce it's own growth hormone - and a big baby will be born.

    I had two at 9lbs and over ! Dr Peatfield in his book - The Thyroid and How to Keep it Healthy discusses this point - think it's page 83 - from memory !

    Also the tests mentioned by Moggie are also vitally important.

    T4 is a storage hormone and only used when required - so how can you have too much or be too high. It's the over range FT3 that can sometime cause a problem and make you HYPER. Do insist on the FT3 test - as that is the ACTIVE thyroid hormone and maybe you are not converting from T4 into T3. The T3 test can be a little unreliable - either up or down a few percent - but all the results I have seen are at the lowest part of the range.

    All blood tests are just a snapshot of what is going on at that particular moment. It is a Guide - and doctors must take into consideration the problem you are dealing be polite but FIRM !

    I'm not medically qualified - just a fellow sufferer with Hashimotos - and getting better all the time.....

  • Try this:

    You might need to print and show to your GP.

  • RCP recommend hypo women are referred to endos for the duration of the pregnancy. TFTs should be every 4 weeks and Levothyroxine increased by 50mcg to ensure good foetal development and avoid post-partum thyroiditis.

    This link is informative re conception & pregnancy. Scroll down to near the end and youll find the links

  • With your high fT4 you would expect TSH to be suppressed and be very low. With your original TSH of 3.3 I am surprised you got a diagnosis of hypo and given Levo. Did the doctor explain his diagnosis?

    Your symptoms could be indicative of Thyroid Hormone Resistance. My sister had this and also found that her progesterone was very low, so could be worth getting this checked.

  • Tell them you want all the tests done as you don't feel right, that's vit d, free t3/t4, kidney, liver, thyroid,glucose I think. My results kept coming back normal but just had a vit d test and very low at 14.5 so you never know you could be the same. I don't know all the terminology yet, but ask for those tests.

  • progesterone is also needed .

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