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Results are in!!!

Hello Everyone

Baffled by my recent results but am due to have more bloods next wed so find out if any improvements and would like to be armed the next time I see my Gp... Would appreciate some helpful feedback x

May 2016 -

Ferritin 36 (15-300) this is the highest it's ever been!! And I will be requesting iron supplements.

TSH - 1.18 (0.30-4.40)

Free T4 - 13.6 (9.0-19.1)

Glucose 4.5 (3.0-7.7) can't anyone enlighten me on what this is for??

15th July 2016 -

TSH - 33.28 (0.3-4.40)

T4 - 8.7 (9.0-19.1)

Had a phonecall to explain 'oh your thyroid meds need to be upped, start taking 75mg (from 50mg)

Felt really ill, lethargic, tired, restless and sick, couldn't eat much at all!!

Developed a lump in my throat so went back to see GP and I said it seems like antibodies/goitre, he didn't really agree but told me to up meds to 100mg (a wk after 75mg) as I still felt terrible. I asked him to test for -antibodies, b12, folate, ferritin & vit D. He shockingly agreed :)

2nd august 2016

TSH- 11.61 (0.30-4.40) he was so excited for the great result in which I told him it was ridiculous and so high

Free t4 - 11.5 (9.0-19.1)

Se thyroid peroxidase ab conc - 815 u/ml ( <6.0 )

Serum folate - 24.2 (>3.0) not sure what this means, good or bad??

Ferritin - 35 (15-300)

Only picked up this print out yesterday and realised he didn't bother doing my vit d!!!

I have more bloods 31st Aug ( tsh & have asked for T3) & an appointment the following wed with him, I will ask for Vit D bloods and am desperate for my b12/iron to be raised. Always next to my b12 it reads 'deficiency unlikely unless suggestive features of neuropathy' .

I know he won't allow b12 injections as in nhs eyes I'm not deficient, any ideas how I can push for this...??

Thankyou xxx

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What was the B12 result?

He really doesn't have much idea about thyroid, does he. Did he increase your dose after that last test?

Your folate is fine, don't worry about that. But your ferritin is very low, that will make you feel bad. But it would be best to buy your own supplements, doctors never prescribe enough!

And, you were right about the antibodies!!! lol What did he say to that? You do have Hashi's, by the way. Have you tried a gluten-free diet?

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Haha yes I mentioned antibodies due to your advice:)) he really doesn't like being told and didn't admit I have antibodies & never mentioned Hashi's to me!!

My b12 is 212 (130-900) ridiculous eh!!

I'm still on 100mg so interesting to see after weds bloods (T3/tsh) what they will be & really had to push for T3, his response was 'this is very rare that there is an issue with T3, I've never come across anyone with an issue' nearly laughed in his face and told him because they never test for it!!!!

I'm converting to gluten although I'm not a huge fan of pastas/breads anyway but will be cutting completely:)

What I don't understand is I'm hypo and on meds for life but hashi's causes hypo??? Or have I got this all wrong and the only cure is to up my meds?

I asked if I can supplement with iron tabs & he basically said you can't over supplement with iron & it doesn't matter how much you have but I've read it's not good to take too much:(( so much info out there!

Thankyou again xx


Oh dear. What a jackass! Of course you can over-dose on iron! Doesn't he know anything? It would seem not.

You are hypo and you do have Hashi's, and Hashi's has caused your hypo by slowly destroying your thyroid gland (which would otherwise be very healthy). There is no cure. No cure for the antibodies, no cure for the thyroid gland. What you are taking is thyroid hormone replacement, because your gland can no-longer produce enough hormone to keep you well.

So, your B12 is much too low. But do not ask your doctor to prescribe anything. Even if he did - which would very much surprise me - he would give you a tiny dose of the wrong type of B12, which would do you no good at all. Buy your own.

What you need is 5000 mcg methylcobalamin daily for a few months, then you can come down to 1000 mcg more or less for life. With that, you should take a B complex, to keep the Bs balanced, because they all work together.

Your doctor is, of course, completely wrong about T3. Hypos very often have a conversion problem. And having low iron and B12 won't help. But, then, what does he know about anything! How do they pass their exams???


Ok I get it now x

Yes he very much is a jackass!!

So I should take levo in the morning, an hour before food & b12/b complex 4 hours later?

And the iron with a vitamin to help absorb?

Will submit results probs Friday regarding T3 xx


You can take the B complex two hours after the levo; iron four hours after, with vitamin C to help absorption. :)


Once you get your vitamin D, (which is quite likely to be low too,) then best to take any vitamin D3 supplements with food, lunch probably best. (Some find Vit D keeps them awake if take in afternoon or evening)

You can, if you prefer take Levo at bedtime - same rules apply, must be on empty stomach and nothing, apart from water, for next hour. Some of us find it fits routine better, there is some research that suggests it might give better uptake of Levo.


We are all different, only way to know if it suits you is to try it.

Being gluten free means eating nothing made from wheat, barley or rye. This includes Malt barley vinegar - annoyingly in lots of things. Sprit, cider, balsamic or wine vinegar is fine

No beer or larger if made with malt barley - there are lots of GF ones (apparently whisky is fine as distilling removes gluten!)

Oats are fine, but only if milled in a gluten free mill - see the "Free From" section in most supermarkets

Lots of good gluten free alternatives to choose from, but it takes a bit of getting use to. Eating out is pretty easy, eating at freinds or family can be more challenging! Especially if they think you are on some faddy lifestyle choice diet!

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Thankyou, yes I eat oats every day & have started gluten free, it is all so expensive & drives me mad!!!!

Will have a look at the link, can't wait to start supplementing & feel a whole lot better hopefully xx

Thankyou again xx


With ferritin that low no amount of levothyroxine can be utilised by the body and cconverted into the t3 that every cell needs to function

You need liothyronine until your ferritin is well over 70




Vit d3

Must all be at least halfway in their ranges if the conversion of t4 into vital t3 is able to occur

As for claiming gluten free is expensive i disagree...i am not coeliac but my normal diet simply never includes gluten containing products

oats are the cheapest breakfast cereal going 75p for 2kg Simply add milk and some fresh or stewed fruit

And if you only eat fresh salads,veggies,fruit,meat cheese and eggs its healthy

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