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ok so the surgery agreed to a TSH test only and its down to 0.63 i have no idea what the T3/4 are doing and won't find out now for a few more weeks as i go on how next week.

So with this chronic hair loss should i up my meds to 3 grains per day? I've been on 2.5 and thought just take an extra 1/2 grain and get that 0.63 down to the 0.35 which the endocrinologist suggested.

i don't have any further info and wanted to know what your thoughts were

WILL my hair recover? should i just shave it off now?

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sorry heres the result

Serum TSH level 0.64 mU/L [0.38 - 5.33]


Don't shave your hair off.

Unfortunately just a TSH result isn't really helpful in discovering what is causing your hair loss. Like you mentioned a T3 and T4 result would be helpful.

Also did you have your ferritin, folate, vitamin B12 and vitamin D tested in the past year? Did you have to supplement to get them to be optimal? if so have you stopped supplementing?


yes my last BH test was in July and all of those are now in the upper range :-) i had an iron infusion 6 weeks ago, by vitamin D and B12 was high, ferritin was 215.7!! and yes i am still supplementing except for iron as the haematologist told me not to after the infusion. i learned to inject myself with B12 when needed but i take the sublingual types otherwise. i take vitamin K with my vitamin D

I called the surgery again today to see if they can ask the lab to test for t3, last time it was high.

I can't afford a BH thyroid panel until Friday but we are on holiday for 2 weeks so won't get a chance to do it before i go

I really am desperate, to the point now where i am asking angels for answers, googling different shampoos and conditioners but i know this is an inside job

Ive been gluten free for 9 months, I've only just got my TSH down reasoning is that my body needs a chance to readjust to the iron and thyroid medications for a while longer....???? i just wanted some hope...

did anyone else suffer such chronic loss???? it all started when i started NDT last year, i stopped for a while convinced it was that but the hair loss continued so i started back on armour which was expensive and then settled for THroiyd from Thailand, I've been really good and i have upped the meds every 3-4 weeks and had tests...ive been fairly patient too...unlike before when i was chopping and changing....!! :-(

So everything seems to be in place and i do feel better in myself but this hair loss is making me feel so awful. The hair itself is so course and dry it feels like its been bleached to death!! i cannot understand how a buatufil head of gorgeous strong shiney curly hair can be reduced to this frizzy strands left on my head??? especially when I've tried so hard with diet, suppemtns and the best shampoos and gutted I've lost my confidence and i am simply exhausted...

All i want is someone to say hey.....itll grow back be patient its all going to be fine....but nobody knows what will happen and i feel so lost and miserable....

my life is good though, i have great friends and a loving supportive husband, i wish i want making them so unhappy but this seems to be getting worse and i guess what I'm saying is...if there is anything else i could do i would be doing it...:-(


I think you posted that your iron transfusion was quite recent? I know from my own iron problems there is a time delay between getting your levels up and your hair behaving. If you are lucky it's 3 months but if you are unlucky it can take over a year.

Shampoos, conditioners etc just make your hair feel better and it tends to be a coincidence that your hair behaves when you change products.


i know...ive just been reading about tellofen effluvium it obviously occurs with a lot of us thyroid sufferers...i can only assume that it will get better....with time eh?

in the mean time please be patient while i whinge and cry and just express myself here

i know its only hair and i know i have SO much to be grateful for seriously i do!! but i guess what i needed was acknowledgement and some reassurance...

i know I've done everything in my my power now...the rest is down to my body getting its act together!! lol

our bodies are amazing sure that with time it will get better and hopefully one day i will be here helping someone else who is going through this misery!

thank you for taking the time to answer :-) xxx


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