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Advise please on latest results


Hi, could you please advise on my latest results and what my next steps should be.

tsh 0.01 (0.2-4.5)

T3. 1.8 (0.9-2.4)

T4. 21 (9-21)

My potassium levels are still high and they want to repeat bloods again in a month.

My question is I still have symptoms: tiredness, hair falling out and extreme pain in hips and legs. The Endo I saw in November advised that if I still did not feel at optimal health when levels were good I was to return to see him, do you think I should go back to see him or do you think my levels are all good now and I should investigate my symptoms as non thyroid related?

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Your bloods look fine. The fact that you have symptoms, make an appointment with the Endo. The purpose of thyroid hormones is the relief of clinical symptoms. Maybe he will try adding some T3 to your T4.

Just tell him but few know much about clinical symptoms but yours might, with a bit of luck. Tick off symtoms from this list and any that's not there:-

Did you have your blood test at the earliest and fast? Did you leave about 24 hours between your last dose of hormones and the test?

dpa87 in reply to shaws

😔forgot to fast and had also taken my Levo

shawsAdministrator in reply to dpa87

Oh - you can follow procedure next time. I find - if blood test due - the day before put levo elsewhere and that will remind you when we're on automatic pilot first thing. :)

dpa87 in reply to shaws

You are so right, good thinking batman will hide it as I don't think I am ever quite awake when I take the Levo 🙄

I, like you, don't get it either! My last results were very similar to yours and the doc reduced my T4 slightly. He said he was concerned about my circulating T4 level which was bang at the top and my TSH was barely non-existent. I too still have symptoms. My hair has gone so thin you can see my scalp. I still have chronic tinnitis. The only way I can lose a bit of weight is to literally starve, and I mean starve. I do not believe your problems are non-thyroid related, and nor are mine. I am going to try a tiny dose of T3 in addition to my T4 and see how I get on. Have posted to ask about where to get it, if possible, in the UK but if not elsewhere.

shawsAdministrator in reply to Maz1

You cannot get non-prescription T3 in the UK. Members will respond if you ask for a Private Message to be sent to you.

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