Here are my latest results

Here are my latest results

Finally I got good news. my tsh has come down from 9.28 and ft4 has improved. I'm pleased. Gp wants them re tested in 3 months now instead of 6 weeks.

I had my test with Medicheck which I do everytime. I had my results within 3 hours of them receiving my sample, I was very impressed.

I had bloods with my gp recently to just do a full MOT as I'm still fatigued and a few things were out of range last December. Thyroid wasn't included as I do that private. My sodium result came back low at 129 (133-146) GP wanted it re checking in 2 weeks. I have as huge fear of blood tests and he knows how distressed I get so I asked Medicheck to add sodium to my thyroid bloods last week if there was enough sample left. There was and my result came back the next day at 138 (135-145). GP has accepted it and doesn't want to repeat on nhs to save me further anxiety. I keep worrying should I do an nhs test as low sodium can be very serious. I'm not sure if my gp realises my thyroid results are a finger prick sample but he's happy to accept them. I have anxiety so I over think things but should I relax about my sodium as it's a good figure at 138? My GP said it was so low the day of his blood test as I had a huge panic attack, drank 7 cups of camomile to relax before hand and as it's a diuretic I urinated a lot hence the low sodium. He's told me to drink less as I do drink a lot of tea in the day.

I thought I'd share a photo of my results. I couldn't attach them when I posted my good news last week.

Thank you for all your support.

Julie x

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  • Jingyd35,

    If by 'fingerprick test' so mean you are filling a container with blood squeezed from your finger that is a good as a venous test ie blood withdrawn from a vein in your arm. I don't know whether blood smeared on cards for analysis is as accurate.

    I think your Levothyroxine dose could have been increased until TSH was 1.0 or lower as you are still fatigued.

    I wouldn't worry about the low sodium now you've had a result with it in range. Make sure you drink plenty of water if you are drinking less tea.

  • Don't want to hijack this posting, , but blood spot or so called dry blood has proven to be accurate. That's what is used for newborns.

    I have personally used it for three times and even though it travels from Finland to US in varying conditions it seems to match with normal blood tests very well. I have been a bit suspicious but as my thyroid levels can fluctuate that explains it.

    My ft4 seems to be the same regardless how it is taken. Been around 17 when measured dry then drawn then dry. This summer dry blood test showed it has dramatically dropped and blood drawn proved it correct ,from 17 to 10. Of course dry blood uses different ranges but I have calculated the %.

    My TSH and ft3 has their weird own habit to be whatever they want to, but in all dry blood tests my ft3 has been on the bottom of the range and when blood drawn somewhere either very high or in the middle of the range, but then my TSH has been over 2 as well while on dry blood TSH been 1-1.8.

    So either only ft4 is very accurate and dry blood is bad for measuring TSH and ft3 and in reality they would always be similar to blood drawn or its all accurate and my levels fluctuate for unknown reason.

    For dry blood they use certain numbers to calculate the hormones ,for example time matters. So for example sample that has taken 30 days ago has degenerated and certain value is given to get the result that matches the levels on the day the sample was taken. That has been proved to be accurate by using blood drawn as a comparison.

    Of course sometimes s*** just happens and results are contaminated or bad.

    This was long and probably didn't make much sense.

  • Justiina,

    I'd forgotten about the heelprick spot tests to check babies' TSH.

  • That is the reason why I tried dried blood test in the first place as it has to be somewhat accurate.

  • Thank you Clutter

    Sorry yes it's the same as Blue Horizon tests with Medicheck, you fill a small tube of blood and send away for analysis.

    Yes I was wondering if it needed to be lower. I will test in about 8 weeks i think and see if the tsh has crept up and if so will tell him I want to increase. I am on 50mg, I am guessing the next jump would be 75mg.|

    Yes I am drinking say 3 cups of lemon balm tea now instead of the camomile and 2 cups of water. My GP said 7 or 8 cups of camomile a day was the issue lol!

  • Jingyd35,

    I think 3 cups tea and 2 cups water is insufficient liquid. Around 2 litres liquid daily is a reasonable amount to drink.

  • I'm actually too scared to drink too much after my sodium dropped lol! air was drinking around 2 litres a day before and my sodium flagged low on my bloods as I was urinating more due to the fluids I was drinking.

  • Jingyd35,

    Tea and coffee are diuretics which make you pee. Replace some of the tea with water.

  • I shall. it was camomile I was drinking and that's a diuretice so my go thinks that was the issue. I was drinking a lot and bursting for the toilet hourly.

    I was just concerned why the sodium was low and also could I trust the medicheck sample result. My gp was happy and didn't feel the need to re test so I guess I should relax.



  • Lemon balm is what is often given to hyperthyroid people and those with Graves to decrease the production of thyroid hormones and decrease antibodies - just a comment. Have you considered ashwaghanda or lavender?

  • Oh really. I shall have a look at other teas. Thank you.

  • I forgot to comment after responding to Clutter that your doctor is probably right and that low sodium was one off because of that much tea! And that is good news!

    I wouldn't reduce the amount of water you drink as you end up dehydrated that way.

    Ofc you get fluids from food you eat. I am super crappy at drinking enough water, but I know I get some from food I eat.

    There is sort of old rule of drinking two cups of water if you drank a cup of tea or coffee.

    You might actually feel a lot better limiting the amount of tea in the long run. Give it a try :)

  • Thank you.

    I was drinking a lot of camomile tea. I don't drink regular tea but I shall try drinking water instead. so struggle when it's cold to drink water lol!


  • When I was school, the nuns used to drink hot water from little metal pots.

  • There's a plan!

  • I know. Been -5-10 c over here in finland and often tempted to drink coffee/tea more. Not fun.

    Could you instead eat spicy soups or so if you tolerate spices?

  • Soups I enjoy.

    I'm thinking maybe hot water with a squeeze of lemon or lemon and ginger.

    It's 2c here today. I was cold out walking my dog this morning.

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