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Hi Everyone,

Ive just ordered my Magnesium Malate, Vit C & more K2 to take with my Vit D3 but i was just wondering if anyone could recommend a good Pro biotic i could order. I suffer with frequent water infections & i think it may help as i am on more antibiotics and i know how bad they are. I know i need to replace the good bacteria in my gut so any suggestions would be great thanks. Also was wondering if i should be taking Calcium with my K2 ? Ive had some fantastic advice in the past, my Calcium has been low the past 3 blood tests but the Consultant just said they will moniter it !

Thanks again


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  • I can only answer about a good probiotic I'm afraid. I totally recommend mega acidophilus, I buy mine from Holland and Barrett, it's around £12 for 90 capsules. I felt a slight difference in the problems I take it for within a couple of days and things are improving all the time.

  • Benjamin1 I would caution against any H&B own brand supplement, they tend to be made with cheap ingredients and not always particularly effective.

    There are many strains of probiotic which do different jobs. You might want to read about them:

    I have used Bio-kult Advanced Multistrain and Cytoplan Acidophilus Plus. Don't forget that probiotics don't live forever in the gut, they need feeding so a prebiotic is also needed. Don't take a prebiotic at the same time as an antibiotic as it will feed the bad bacteria as well as the good.

    Sorry I can't help about the calcium.

  • Totally agree with you SeasideSusie, many of H/B vitamins have soya as an ingredient which is not recommended with thyroid disease plus as you say lots of other nasty fillers. It is best to search for an organic website which offers better quality purer vitamins. I personally take Viridian Multi phytonutrient complex capsules as recommended by my alternative therapist. As for probiotics Bio-Kult are recommended by Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride a specialist in gut health.

  • Grow your own kefir.

  • I use symprove which has pre and pro, its not included in a food like yoghurt or milk which sets the digestive system off, so it stays in the gut a longer. my chiropractor recommended this and i have seen improvement in drinking it

  • Healthspan do a good pre biotic fos and pro biotics in two different strengths. Get a voucher code online before ordering and save yourself a bit of cash. x

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