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Until yesterday I had never heard of K2 or seen it mentioned on here!

So should I be adding this to my list of supplements? I already take D 2000mu and B12.

(I have had 2 broken teeth in the past few weeks and have no idea if this is calcium related or just because they were in poor condition.)

If so should I be looking for a tablet with K2 and vit D combined or buying separately. What sort of dose should I be looking for? I eat dairy products more than ever now that I am trying to eat more naturally.


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The best source of K2 is gouda cheese - generally considered safer to use a food source rather than a supplement


Well I don't know that I have ever tried gouda, but am happy to give it a go. Thanks for the advice.


thought it was in Brie too?

- anyway, Vit D, magnesium, K2 combo sorts calcium - apparently - sorry I have no proof or links at present, so just going by my very dodgy memory......

I always had very bad teeth & not a lot of them, gaps (well most are long gone now! no tooth fairy for damaged ones :) ) dentist always told me off for eating sugary stuff - I couldn't understand this as I didn't even like sugar as I prefer savoury.

Meanwhile I haven't needed treatment for quite a few years (they'd give me a darn x-ray every time whilst runnng out of the room, hmmm - how does it make us feel? zapped!) beginning to think it was my low vit D all along! (er and the fact I hated milk) J x


You can only eat so much gouda cheese without gaining tons of weight and having more stress on your joints. The amount needed daily is approx 100mcg/day. Don't overdue it though as it is a fat soluable vitamin:)


Cheapest K2 I have found is at I agree, don't take more than recommended dose as Jackie said but most of us don't get enough. See


Hi Not good to take any Vit K supplement, in quite a bit of food, that is fine and safe. Look it up on the WEB for details.



I think it was used in hospitals c. 1920/30's for anything they didnt know how to fix or treat. Always seemed to report good results (kill/cure), but they didnt know why. May have improved anyway...

Reading in some old nursing manuals/lectures (red books). I have since given to charity shop.


I read in Dr Mercolas site that vitD3 and K2 go hand in hand . K2 helps the D3 to be better absorbed.

Jo xx

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Vit K is in almost all of the food and drink you consume, even water. There are three levels, low, medium and high. If you are taking warfarin, stay away from vit k supplements. Do you have a medical condition where you are advised to take supplements? Vit K is in Brocolli, Brussels sprouts, Parsley etc, etc. there is also calcium in those vegetables which is needed for the bones. Please take care, if you are eating sensibly, you don't need extras.


I am afraid I simply do not understand your response. :-(

The question was, specifically, about vitamin K2.

You say that vitamin K is in water. Not sure if you mean K2 or K1? Nor how much? Nor which water would have some and which would not?

Also I am failing to understand the three levels bit. Would you be good enough to explain, please?



Generally, unless there is a good reason not to, you should be taking K2 if you are taking D or calcium to make sure that the calcium ends up in your bones, not your arteries.


Info re-Vit K can be found Clotcare Online resource Vitamin K content of selected foods.,Water comes in to the Beverage section, low Vit K .

atriafibrillationassociation Warfarin and diet

Cleveland Clinic Journal of medicine, Volume 70. Number 4. Practical tips for warfarin, dosing and monitoring. It was issued in April 2003. It provides info regarding both Hypo and Hyperthyroidism


I take K2 ( ) and found that it, along with Holy Basil ( ) . Lots of research on both. I have osteo arthritis, am a practicing nurse and work anywhere from 12-14h / day. Without it, I can barely walk the next day. With it, I have been making steady noticeable improvement and am VERY EXCITED. I get it most economically (in otherwords, cheap) from

See Dr OZ for holy basil & K2. See New England Journal of medicine. TONS of research on both and it's natural... which is my goal as health care changes in the future.


Lots of research out there online.


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