vitamin D3

just looked up vit defficiancies and anxiety and D3 came up

so i searched D3 and chest pains, theres a few reprts of chest pain with a defficiancy

ive asked my dr a few times for a vut D test to be told they wont do it because they cant decide on a range for it to be in

i have 2,000iu and was wondering if 2 a day would help for a while or if i should stick to 1 a day

its something i take when i remember (with K2)

bear in mind i dont go out often so dont get much sun

is it something i can overdose on?

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  • Yes, you can 'overdose' in that as it is a fat soluble vitamin any excess is not excreted but stored on the body.

    If I can find £28 in your budget then you can get a Vit D test done by City Assays which is City Hospital in Birmingham (NHS). It is a blood spot fingerprick test, easily done, and you get the result back within a week. Well worth doing to find your level and plan how much to supplement. (scroll down for website/contact details)

  • Hi mandy72,

    2 years ago I spent 14 weeks in Italy with my sister and her family who live there. Her hubby is Italian.

    They supplement with Vit D drops as does his sisters. After that length of time in the Sun every day I came home with Vit D at 36.

    Where do you go from there? Mind you I had Helicobactor which I feel inhibited my absorption of nutrients from food. I was also diagnosed B12 def at the same time.

    I believe, no matter how much sun you get, you can still be deficient if you have gut problems.

    The Italians aren't known for supplementing willy nilly. When I was diagnosed with B12def/PA I advised my sister to get tested as it is prevelant in my 10 siblings. Her GP said, you eat plenty of Parmesan Cheese so you won't be deficient.

    GPs don't decide on ranges, it's the machine in the lab that is preprogrammed to determine results.

    He is spinning you a yarn, take someone with you next time you need bloods checked.


  • Yes hubby and I tested insufficient in VitD after 4 years of living full-time in Crete.

    Click onto Conditions at the top of the page Mandy72 and have a look ....

  • My Vit D3 was in the 20s almost 2 years ago even though i eat well and go outside every day. I was having deficient symptoms so my brother who is a nutritionalist told me to take supplements. Vit D3 is actually a hormone. Labs say 30 and above is ok, but optimal health and no symptoms your labs should read over 50 & 60-80 if you suffer thyroid disease. It took 15 months just to get my numbers from 27 to 48 by taking 5-6,000 a day. so really i should have listened to my brother and did 10,000 for 4 months and then lowered it to 5,000. most studies i have come across say you should take 5,000 throughout Winter and then decrease in Summer months to 2,000 if you are outdoors a lot.

  • Sorry as already said your doctor isn't telling you the complete truth.

    There are CCG/health board guidelines on who should be tested and who shouldn't.

    All the ones I've read state if you are housebound for any reason then you should be tested.

    Alternatively you can stop fighting with your doctor and get a private test. Only bother giving a copy of the result to the doctor if you are categorised as "severely deficient" as being "insufficient" is the UK norm.

    2,000IU will not be enough unless you are on the border of insufficiency/optimal or optimal so you should get tested and post your result here.

  • bluebug 2,000 is not enough even if you are border line. You should have a lot more than that. drs do not advise on the proper IUs to take to increase your levels adequently. unfortunately, 2,000 is how much a healthy person with optimal levels already should take to maintain. I have done so m uch research and read so many studies on this. people should be aiming for so much higher levels than what labs advise you. symptoms come on for most way before they even get to deficient.

  • my opinion is that you are trying everything, besides proper thyroid treatment and diet, wasting money on supplements that won't work. I have done the same thing for years..Trying to save you some money and time. IO am now at the end of my rope, because i have wasted so much time, to avoid what i really had to do.

  • Get the test done as SeasideSusie says. It is incredibly easy(they send a video link to watch) I did mine on a Monday, posted same day & got the results on Wednesday! The doctor was OK when I presented the print out for their records & gave me a prescription.

  • I have had low Vit. D levels and my doctor told me to take 2,000 UI a day and that I would have to take it for the rest of my life. I don't get out in the Sun very often either. I've taken as much as 5,000 UI a day with no side effects. You'd have to take a lot of Vit D to actually OD on it.

  • yes it is true that you can have extreme anxiety, insomnia and panic attacks without enough Vit D3. D3 is actually a hormone. And without enough magnesium and Vit d your body cannot absorb calcium properly either. It is very hard to overdose on vitamin D

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