3 times I've had an allergic reaction over the last few months. My hands and face go bright red and itchy, it seems to happen after I take all my supplements at the same time. I usually take VitD3, K2, B12, Bcomplex, and more recently magnesium, selenium and zinc. I occasionally have a ferrous fumerate and powdered Vit c. I've just taken all of them together ( about an hour ago) and voila I've gone all red and itchy. I think it might be the Vit C, not sure, any clues?

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  • Diyena,

    It could be any of the supplements. I would stop taking all of them until the rash resolves then introduce each supplement one at a time at two week intervals so you can see which, if any, is causing the problem. Ferrous Fumarate is good taken with vitamin C but you should check on the patient information leaflet whether you can take it with other supplements.

  • Diyena If you want to know if it's one of your supplements or a combination of any of them, why not stop all of them for a couple of days then reintroduce them one at a time, give it a week or so to see if there's any reaction then add a second one one, given that combination a week or so then add the next one, etc.

    Also, don't take them all at once. It's generally said to take vitamins in the morning and minerals in the evening. So maybe take the B Vits in the morning, maybe D3 lunchtime, and the minerals in the evening. B Vits tend to be stimulating so morning is better for them anyway. Magnesium tends to be calming so evening makes more sense for that.

  • Thanks, I will try splitting them. I just find it easier to take them all at once. 😏

  • The odd thing is I take supplements daily but this has only happened 3 times. The first 2 times I wasn't taking magnesium/ selenium or zinc, so I know it's not those. I highly suspect it's the iron or Vit c as I don't take them often. I wonder also if it's because I hadn't eaten recently.

  • Do you have Rosacea? x

  • Hi Diyena, sorry to hear about the rash, but the question that occurs to me, unless you have said so on a different post is - do you know IF you were or are deficient in all thosesupplements you mention by way of blood testing?

    Are you also taking them with Levo, I assume you have a hyper or hypothyroid diagnosis! Has your Dr made any suggestions as to cause of the rash! It could just be an allergic reaction to whatever new you have introduced into your food regime including the Supps. As others have suggested stop them, if you DO need to take them, reintroduce them only 1 at a time,it may help you get to root cause. Good luck.

  • Yes My Vit D was 35 ( now up to 79) my B12 was 235 ( now over 1000) The Bcomplex, k2, magnesium, zinc, selenium I started taking due to recommendations on here to help with the B12 and D3 supplements. I take the Vit C to help the Iron ( my ferritin was 69 and folate 5)

  • I take 100mcg of Levo at night

  • It might be a reaction to vitamin B3 [niacin] known as niacin flush.


    I think taking it on an empty stomach can also enhance the effect.

    If it is the niacin you are sensitive to - you can get niacinamide which is flush free.

    As others have recommended, you'd need to take them separately to find the culprit.

    Taking them separately will have other benefits - there's a knack to when and how to take your supplements - with or without food - morning or at night etc – in order to get the most out of them.


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