I still feel I have developed allergy to my Thyroxine medication.Feel a slight swelling on my top lip, especially when I take 75 mcg Went to Doc and he changed it to Oroxine,as the chemist said,it is still the same. Same machine,same ingredients . Can I take antihistamine all the time with my Oroxine.Am going to specialst on 5th.Was supposed to go today but he had a bereavement in the family.Why would this start after all these years,have been on thyroxine 30 years.Anyone know the solution to my problem.? I am a bit anaemic,taking spatone every day to correct it, also Vit d tablets,fish oil and magnesium asparte. Still taking Atenonlol,did cut down but BP went sky high,so will still take it for the time being.

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  • This could be the Atenolol. You can be taking that medication for quite some time and then develop the problem you are experiencing. My friend's sister was taking this stuff for four years and then started to have swelling of left side of upper lip. Then it spread. She went to the emergency at the hospital and a smart doctor realized this was an allergic reaction to the medication. Apparently it can get worse and worse until it is life threatening. Ask your chemist to verify this, please.

  • Was happening before I was put on Atenolol.

  • If you can, take selfies of how you look before you take the thyroxine and then after to show the doctor/allergist.

  • It is not so noticeable,I just feel it.Will take antihistamine till I see Endo. Hate this old age lol

  • You might find that one antihistamine is more effective than the others. Cycling round the ones that help can also be more effective than sticking to the same one every day.

    Do note that some are supposed to last all day whereas others only last maybe 12 hours!

  • I have read if you take an anti-histamine 1 hour before taking levo. If you have no reaction then ask your GP for a new prescription and ask the pharmacist for another make of levo.Although some have different names on the packet they could be identical so pharmacist should be sure.

  • I did ask chemist.The 2 they use Oroxine and Euroxsig are the only 2 in Aus.

  • Hi mjean

    It doesn't give you much choice if there's only two so I hope one works for you better than the other and make sure you get the same one each time you fill your prescription.

  • As the chemist said,same pills made on the same machines.I still paid $2 more and got the one I had had for years till they gave me the generic brand.Good salesman.

  • I am wary when they say, 'identical'.They said that in the UK when they withdrew the Brand and insisted the generic was identical. All of those who'd used Eltroxin for years without any problems suddenly became ill again.

  • I am now back on the one I started on.If your right maybe it has something to do with it. Don't like generics best of times.

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